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Help Really Long Boot!

Takes about 1min or so.. Which is pretty long now than what it used to take :s ... Here I'll be attaching a post about it. Maybe someone can figure out what is going on. I inserted the .txt file in the zip.. inside it is the report about some issue...

Yisera by Level 7
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Yet another G74SX keyboard issue...

This laptop really sucks.First we learn that we have no number lock (buh bye FSX, ARMA/2)Then even after 2 BIOS flashes there are still issues with missed keys.NOW the 'O','N', and 'L' keys are 'rubbing off'. the black part of the key is rubbong off...

Should I switch????

Hey all;Just picked up a new G53sx the other day at Micro center and must say I am really enjoying things, Up to now. lol No, nothing is broken or wrong, I just came from Best Buy where they have the G74sx for the exact same price I paid and I am ...

G74Sx wireless problems

about 4 days ago i installed an update from asus of some sort and now my wireless doesn't work anymore. i've tryed to reset it to a date before the update but it doesn't help. he can't see any netwerks. any suggestions?sorry for the bad englishthanks

fo0dude by Level 7
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G74s 3dtv play

Hey guys I have a G74S with the 3DTV Play tag on it.Just did some research and realize I don't have the 3D vision version that comes bundled with 3d glasses.Sooo....what do I need to use 3D??Do I have to buy that $40 software from Nvidia?Where do i g...

lou4612 by Level 7
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180W AC Adapter for G74SX?

I was wondering if any of you know where to get a 180W AC Adapter that will fit the G74SX. I don't care if it's universal; just as good as long as it fits.I can't find any in Canada. I looked in Newegg, Bestbuy, Futureshop, even Amazon Canada. :S The...

ASUS ROG Shuttle Backpack NOW Available!

Our latest ROG backpack, the ROG Shuttle Backpack, is now available for purchase from our ASUS eStore! Although the notebook compartment is for 17'' models, the main compartment will fit our bigger 17.3'' gaming models like G73/G74 as well with plen...

Mason by Level 10
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Screen blackout problem for G74SX

I purchased a new G74SX AH71 half of month ago and actually I just want to use this laptop to play World of War Craft. When I run WOW, it's good at beginning. But after a few minutes, the screen turn black and recover after about 2 or 3 seconds. An...