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G53sx - ix 199v with ASUS SERVICE - Need Help!

Below is my experience with this product and Asus Service.25th Dec 2011 - Bought this unit which i eager for 2 months in Malaysia.26th Dec 2011 - After burning out the recovery disc and shut down and after a while when i press the start button. I can...

vs_5597 by Level 7
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G53 BIOS problem

Hey everyone, I have the G53JW and it went into service last summer for the power port. They replaced the mobo and installed BIOS 211 on it. When I got it back, my kb lights did not work. I called the techs and they told me that support for the kb...

S1ay3r by Level 7
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Saints Row 3 Low Fps

hey guys when i play saints row 3 on high the max fps i get is about 25 and i was wondering if there was a way i could get higher fps during game playp.s. i have the latest nvidia driver from their websiteand i have a G74SX -Xt1560m 3gb

G74sx 3D (stock wi fi card) question/help

Hello everyone. This is my first post so yeah.. okay, so recently I purchased this laptop the ASUS G74SX-DH73-3D. I heard alot about people changing their wi-fi cards. So my question is there only one choice to get another wi-fi card, because I hear...

Henrysyy by Level 7
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Touchpad Problem with G74

Well I finally got my G74 and so far I love it...however I just encountered a problem with my touchpad...At first it worked fine..but it seems when I took it to my office and connected a mouse to it, ever since, the touchpad isn't working correctly.....

G73JH- X-Fi MB2

I don't know if this is proper to post here (ie, X-Fi is a creative product and not even bundled with the laptop in question), but I thought I'd give it a shot, just because I know it is an option that's been suggested here. Anyway, after formatting ...

AC Adapter Compatibility

Hey, guys. I was wondering about two particular AC Adapters, as I am trying to replace/upgrade my stock 150W one.First one is this:'s the 180W adapter that Asus sells. It says it's compati...