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Does the G74 fit

In the G73 backpack? In the notebook slot, also does anyone have any input/concerns on the quality, padding, size, etc. of the bag? I was looking at the "shuttle backpack" as well but it says right on the site that a 17.3 will ONLY fit in the main co...

Fn key permanantly on, direct access of function keys

I own a G74SXI would like to to use the function keys for brightness, volume, wlan and so on without having to always press the Fn key, a little bit like it is on Macs. I use the F1 to F12 keys much less, so would be much more convenient. I googled a...

Touchpad Problems (Randomly Clicking)

Hey guys I just did a fresh install of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my 74SX and my girlfriend's K52D. Both were previously running Windows 7 with no Touchpad issues.Now, however, when we are typing the cursor will randomly click wherever it is ...

Rack0 by Level 7
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Help Really Long Boot!

Takes about 1min or so.. Which is pretty long now than what it used to take :s ... Here I'll be attaching a post about it. Maybe someone can figure out what is going on. I inserted the .txt file in the zip.. inside it is the report about some issue...

Yisera by Level 7
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Yet another G74SX keyboard issue...

This laptop really sucks.First we learn that we have no number lock (buh bye FSX, ARMA/2)Then even after 2 BIOS flashes there are still issues with missed keys.NOW the 'O','N', and 'L' keys are 'rubbing off'. the black part of the key is rubbong off...

Should I switch????

Hey all;Just picked up a new G53sx the other day at Micro center and must say I am really enjoying things, Up to now. lol No, nothing is broken or wrong, I just came from Best Buy where they have the G74sx for the exact same price I paid and I am ...