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G74SX battery hot while discharging?

I'm sure it's normal for the battery to be warm while charging, just not sure if it's normal while discharging. Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask! It's not dangerously hot or anything, just uncomfortable in my lap. I almost never have it in my lap, tho...

kouotsu by Level 7
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bad performance g53/low fps on mw2

Hi there,I have an asus g53sw, the one with the gtx460m. I have been a bit disappointed with the performance of the laptop. I looked at the fps that I get in games and maybe you could tell me whether thats what I should be getting or not.Ive got the ...

G74SX GPU Overclock and impressions

I had just received my G74SX yesterday through, a standard version of i7-2670 CPU, 12g ram, 192bit GTX 560M.I was quite worried when browse through the threads seeing so many people have keyboard/screen/driver issues. So the first thin...

Harris by Level 7
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Your Star Wars: The Old Republic settings?

i have the G74SX-BBK9 model of the ROG gaming laptop and i was wondering what your guys settings are?can you play the game without any lag?can you post a screenshot of your settings for me?how much FPS are you getting in citys? in outside area's?plea...

Srkrono by Level 7
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Next g series

With i7 third generation and windows 8 coming out, when do you guys think we should be expecting a new g series?**EDIT: just saw the news on the g75, looks epic

Amir by Level 7
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Please help!! (asus g53sx ram upgrade)

hey guys, i'm kinda new in this forum. i want to ask somethin, i own asus G53sx laptop and it has 4gb RAM 1333hz, i'd like to upgrade my RAM to corsair Vengeance 2x4GB 1600hz, is it a good or a bad call? Is my laptop support the 1600hz SO-DIMM? Thank...

G74Sx AES-NI not available

Hello all,I've tried getting an answer on this from Asus' "support," but they are being their normal idiotic selves (answer: contact service center and do an RMA...) so I turn to you guys. I am running the latest G74 BIOS (203), but there does not s...

G53SX - Charging and battery mode - BIG Difference!

Hello everybody When i'm playing while charging, there is no lagg at all. But then when i play on battery mode, the FPS, in Minecraft for example, drops to 15 for 1 second or just totally freezes for 1 second. And it does that every 10th second or so...

G74SX-AH71 Clean Install (SSD) questions...

Hi, guys - been posting for just a little while and finally got the AH71 and a Crucial M4 64GB SSD. I've updated the BIOS and have been researching drivers in different threads, and settled on the following list BrodyBoy posted a week or so back:Inte...

rp33 by Level 7
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RGB Line streak on Left side of Display-Asus G53SW-A1

Just after days I got my G53SW, everything was running fine till yesterday. Today morning I turned on and now this is staring at me.I am on the current beta drivers.A thread on notebookreview states its a LCD fault.What should be the steps taken?Anva...

anvancy by Level 7
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