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Hello,I have a weird issue with my G73JH. When I switch it on it will loop in the BIOS anywhere from 3 - 20 times before it successfully boots into windows. The screen does not flicker or anythin gthe ASUS logo appears and I hear the boot sound over ...

Get your G73 Hard Drive Caddy here!

As promised during the launch of our new eStore, we now have G73 Hard Drive caddies available for purchase! The HDD caddy is compatible with both the G73JH and hereThis hard drive caddy will enable you to securely mount an additional 2.5...

Mason by Level 10
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G53sx - ix 199v with ASUS SERVICE - Need Help!

Below is my experience with this product and Asus Service.25th Dec 2011 - Bought this unit which i eager for 2 months in Malaysia.26th Dec 2011 - After burning out the recovery disc and shut down and after a while when i press the start button. I can...

vs_5597 by Level 7
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G53 BIOS problem

Hey everyone, I have the G53JW and it went into service last summer for the power port. They replaced the mobo and installed BIOS 211 on it. When I got it back, my kb lights did not work. I called the techs and they told me that support for the kb...

S1ay3r by Level 7
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Saints Row 3 Low Fps

hey guys when i play saints row 3 on high the max fps i get is about 25 and i was wondering if there was a way i could get higher fps during game playp.s. i have the latest nvidia driver from their websiteand i have a G74SX -Xt1560m 3gb

G74sx 3D (stock wi fi card) question/help

Hello everyone. This is my first post so yeah.. okay, so recently I purchased this laptop the ASUS G74SX-DH73-3D. I heard alot about people changing their wi-fi cards. So my question is there only one choice to get another wi-fi card, because I hear...

Henrysyy by Level 7
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Touchpad issues - Try this before anything else

Sentelic touchpadsHello all. I received my g74sx today and had issues with my touchpad in regards to sporatic and unreliable usage. Was very hard to use it precisvely. It would jump, click, renable with mouse plugged in, etc all on it's on. After sea...

DONE: 3D On/Off Button useless with Nvidia 296.10

Hi,here is the Problem on my G74SX (91261V German only Release i think):Ever since the NVIDIA Update 295.73 and then 296.10 the Button wont work for Movies, Games etc. with numerous software.I tried re-installing the driver for hotkey features, no us...

Touchpad Problem with G74

Well I finally got my G74 and so far I love it...however I just encountered a problem with my touchpad...At first it worked fine..but it seems when I took it to my office and connected a mouse to it, ever since, the touchpad isn't working correctly.....

G73JH- X-Fi MB2

I don't know if this is proper to post here (ie, X-Fi is a creative product and not even bundled with the laptop in question), but I thought I'd give it a shot, just because I know it is an option that's been suggested here. Anyway, after formatting ...