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Athros.sys causing BSOD on G73Jw

Hey there,I've had my G73Jw laptop for about a year. I've done a clean install of Win7 using this thread's utilities: the past month, I'll get about 3 BSOD's p...

Pre-installed Software g74sx

Hey guys, I'm new here. I have just recently bought g74sx and I'm super satisfied with it!!I was just wondering is there a thread or a web page that contains the list of all the pre installedsoftware, and what is more important, the description of th...

Kerkos by Level 7
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Rotation Desktop Issue?

So i was just going through some of the stock programs like the rotation desktop and when i go to the gaming desktop is crashes and i have to exit. but only with the gaming desktop one. anyone know a fix for this issue. its not really a big deal if i...

Recovery Partitions - The Differences

Haing had a browse through the other thread I am going to do a restore to give this touchpad one last try before putting this back in the box.Pictured below is what disk management currently recognises:So I am guessing, and referring to the manual th...

Chris84 by Level 7
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G74SX - Keyboard Keys

Heya,This is my first forum post on this website. I thought I would post here as I'm having some problems with my G74SX.Thought I might find a few good suggestions from the community here, so here goes:Basically, I have a problem with the keyboard on...

Axl_i by Level 7
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rog signiture

since the forum was down...i make my free time to make a signiture.feel free to use it or give me a comment if any change neededclick hereclick here

Cant install intel 120gb ssd on my new G74SX

Hi all,I am trying to install a 120 gb intel ssd on my new G74 but the laptop wont detect the ssd when trying to install windows. I tried to change to ide and ahci in the bios but still nothing. I can see the sdd in the bios but it doesnt show up whe...

using the Recovery Partition

hi, i used the Recovery Partition by pressing F9 and i choosed "Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions", the problem is i lost all my files. is there any way to get my files back? Please help me out i lost everything. thanks.asus notebookmo...

ukase by Level 7
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Issue with G74SX Touch Pad

Hi guys, first time poster, only recently bought my frist ASUS laptop.I have been researching the subject and I've only came accross a few people who have had the same predicament, that have posted about it anyway, as most seem to have issues with t...

Chris84 by Level 7
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Asus G73SW Completely dead

I have been running into quite a lot of problems recently, to a point where my 5 year old computer was more reliable than the G73. The G73SW had some lockups, where it could not be Ctrl-Alt-Del and needed a force shut down (Holding powerbutton down)....

Aysoos by Level 7
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