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Comparison G74SX models: NH71 vs DH71

Seems like the screen, CPU and GPU are the same.Looks like the differences are the DH has a bigger hard drive, more ram, and a blu ray drive.Is this the case?I could always upgrade the HDD, ram and drive if so considering I save 300 getting the NH71....

Compatible 3D monitors with ASUS laptop G74SX-A1

Hello everyone, I am looking for a compatible 3D display to work with my ASUS laptop G74SX-A1. I saw ASUS VG236E but NVIDIA was not sure if it was compatible with their video card. Does anyone on this forum know if they are compatible? A1 is great...

G74SX DH71 optimization

Hi everyone, Last night I bought an ASUS Laptop: G74SX-DH71 w/ Core i7-2670QM, 12GB, 1.5TB, Blu-ray Combo, 17.3in LED Full HD, GeForce GTX 560M, Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit. What is the best way to optimize my computer? I noticed that it came with a...

Will RMA take care of it?

Hello,I have ASUS G74SX laptop and have some "bugs" in it:- screen flickering when backlight low- some keys need to be pressed harder to work like 'delete' key (it is from i bought it)- squeaking case i bottom right cornerAnd the worse:It randomly to...

G74SX-AH71 vs G74SX-DH72

I am looking to get a new laptop and I am deciding between the G74SX-AH71 and the G74SX-DH72. It appears to me that the only difference between the two is the 160GB SSD... the price difference is:$1,991.99 - $1,384.99 = $607So my question is: Can I a...

g74sx mute issue

I have a g74sx which I muted and shut down. Upon reboot, the ASUS log in sound plays, but I can not get sound in Windows 7. I see I now have not one, not two, but 5 drivers on my sound card. One of them is Realtek, the other four are NVidia. This...

BIOS Updating Issue

I recently got a notice from my ASUS LiveUpdate Utility prompting me to update a bumch of drivers on my computer.Everything was working fine until it prompted me to update my BIOS to version 202. Upon downloading and installation, the BIOS Flash Pro...

G74sx Major frame drop / spikes in certain games

First of all, i just wanted to let you guys know that i HAVE spent some time looking for a fix for my problem, however, i am not very clever when it comes to the tech part and thus i could really use some help on my issue. My lack of knowledge is pro...

beltway by Level 7
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Asus g74sx and Razer Megalodon please help

Hello i bought a G74sx and i have my headset Razer megalodoni tried to plugin the razer the speaker works but when i talk using mic its like a robotic sound with a wierd sound on backround like grrgrrgrrgrrrrso i updated the frimware of the headset a...

Hameli by Level 7
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g74sx 3D ... 3D help on how to run 3d

okay so i was wondering. how do you play 3d movies . its weird cause blu ray has the stero 3d so when cineplayer runs it , it does its thing and it works. but when i put a 3d dvd it doesnt do that . its side by side . so when it auto runs it goes int...