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Hi guy, i have problem with my gam desktop. every time i would open it says gamedesktop has stopped respondingI tried running admid still doesnt workany solution for this?

Asus g73sw battery problem?

Can someone tell me what's going on and if this is common? My power adapter for the g73sw just randomly stopped working (wtf? common?), so I then go to Wal-mart and buy some igo Green AC power adapter which works to get my laptop powered up but the ...

Python49 by Level 7
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long black boot up screen after windows logo * fixed.......

i have a g74sx-bbk8, and this were my steps to fix my long boot up black screen , first of all get the drivers from asus , i have intel centrino ultimate n 6300 CARD and i use _v15.0.1.1 from asus website (

gilbert by Level 10
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Sata Troubles, G73JH-A2

Start of the long story:My problems started 2 or 3 months ago, I thought the problem was hard drive issues until recently. It started out with a chirping/ticking noise coming from one of my hard drives and that drive disapearing from my computer. I...

arstron by Level 7
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Poor quality keyboard on my G74

Hey all, I have a question about my G74.I purchased it a few months back, around October I think. I purchased it second hand from its previous owner. He barely used it and needed to sell it for the money.I immediately noticed that at times the bottom...

G74sx 3De issues

I just purchased my laptop from bestbuy online about 3 weeks back. I really love my laptop. But there seems to be a few problems. 1) Sometimes after the sleep/hibernate mode the Power4 Gear Hybrid stops working. I cannot change from battery saving to...

v2abcd by Level 7
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G74SX Loud Noises

hey guys i just got an Asus G74SX and i noticed while playing COD MW3 there was this loud humming noise coming from my laptop i think it was the fans, because once i exited the game the noise decreased quite a bit, the only other thing that could be ...

G74SX-RH71 Shadows messing up in games

shadows are showing up some form of pixelated and arent rendering properly, eating up performance. Would this be a driver problem? or a computer problem?I uninstalled and reinstalled the NVIDIA Driver, with the newest one that i know of from the thre...

Adding SSD to G74SX

Hey all,I understand how to install everything as far as the operating system goes, but now my question is with the physical installation of a second HD. I just got my G74, and saw that there is an included (tiny) board that appears to have a SATA-is...

Ray-Ban by Level 7
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