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G74sx touchpad, tape?

Ok, so I have the crazy erratic touchpad issue with my new laptop I got a week ago. After reading the forums about removing tape and residue, and the unsuccessful RMAs and driver/bios updates, my laptop is currently disassembled. There is a small pi...

Help with understanding G74 model numbers

Hello, I currently have 3 ASUS Gaming laptops - embarking on buying my 4th.. but I'm having a little trouble finding a good reference that shows me what each of the different G74SX models comes with.Can someone point me to a good reference?Thanks!

TFreed by Level 7
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Graphics Card Failure G73SW

Tried almost all 460M drivers, and all seem to give me a blank screen after the Windows bootup logo. I can still hear the sound, but the screen is blank (Greenish tint). I'm really frustrated and all evidence points to the Graphics card or drivers si...

Aysoos by Level 7
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How to remove a partition

Is there an easy way to remove a partition? My primary hd is partitioned into two parts C: and drives. The C drive has just 279 gb's and the rest is on my d drive. I want to combine them both or get rid of the D drive without having to reinstall and...

G74sx AC Adapter issue / OSD

HI,I had been experiencing a problem with my g74sx laptop.When im on high perfomance applications, i got a message on the screen switching from ac adapter to battery, making my system lagging on games, that thing just came crazy and starts doing swit...

ROG - Gamer tag!

Ehi, Rogers why we ask to Asus to create a gamer tag for us, to use it in the forum's signature? We can insert in it our games, our stats, our products ROG. What do you think?

Symho by Level 7
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G73 JW Updates Which do I use

I recently purchsed an G73 JW I am trying to get the driver updates. When I go to the Asus site the updates all seem old. Are these the udates that I should be using? I have seen the thread for the updated drivers for the g series should I go ther...