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G73JH - Is My Sata Controller Failing?

I picked up a new momentus 750xt after my old 500gb momentus that came with the laptop as a secondary drive to the intel x25 ssd that I have as my boot drive. I started getting slowdowns and long load times with that drive so I figured it was a dyin...

hpx909 by Level 7
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[G53SX] BF3 performance?

So... I've been playing Bf3 for a while now and I've only been able to play on low settings and low res. to get a playable enviroment, so my question is : why is that? Shouldn't I be able to play on higher settings? I've got the GTX 560M(4GB) and 6GB...

Sharkie by Level 7
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G74Sx 2nd SSD Recommendations?

Hey I have an OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD as my "STORAGE" or secondary drive. It is rather unreliable and gets errors all the time (need to use disk check a lot). I even used this SSD in my Dell, same problems. Is there a software that I dont know of that ca...

Can G74SX DH71 Charge in China?

I'm getting a G74SX DH71 in a coupe of days and I will be going to China for vacation this summer. I was wondering if I can charge this laptop without any voltage converter or adapter in China. I believe the voltage in China is 220V.

G74SX Screen Color Calibration Custom Guide

Updated: This currently looks amazing on G74SX-A1. if you have a different model and even G series, Please Do it at your own Risk. If you want to try this, make sure u backup system restore BEFORE you install the calibrated screen monitor (link belo...

SSD problems on my G74S. HELP!

I've got a corsair p128 that i've tried numerous times to shift my OS to for my G74S. Tried cloning, clean windows install, and even mounting the recovery partition on it! Didn't work at all. When i tried doing a clean install, the windows installati...

ravincia by Level 7
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g74sx 3D . Headset assistance and suggestions.

im looking for a set of headphones for this laptop . But i notice that alot of these HS has like 3 cords. while this laptop only has a mic and headphone slot to put it in . does anyone recommend or know of any good 5.1 headsets w/mic around the 150 U...

G73sw Issues with white/black while gaming

This has been a reoccurring problem mainly while playing an mmo. All the white in game become pixelated appear greenish and all black appears red, sometimes flashing. All my drivers are up to date all games I play run smoothly. It seems to only happe...

Colors not displaying properly in browsers?

First off, I have the G74SX-AH71, which has a 1920x1080 resolution and a Nvidia 560m. I was working on my web design project for class, and a group member had used the hexadecimal color #400000, which is a deep maroon. On my computer, it showed up as...

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