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Post your Desktops.

here is mine i say its near complete everything you need

Windows 7 clean install

Is it possible to perform a windows 7 clean install without the disc? I've never down something like this. I don't want to use AI recovery because it will just back up my factory settings... If it is does anyone mind telling me how?

Second hard drive issue

I just installed a terabyte in my new G53SX and the laptop isn't reading the drive. It is still only showing my partitioned single drive that came with the notebook. Any direction would be great. thank you.

Touch Pad Issues

I have a G74sx with the Sentelic touch pad and I've started having some problems.The problem is the Sentelic software usually doesn't load when the computer starts up. Sometimes the software will unload itself after using a USB port (not a mouse, but...

corrupt harddrive in the g53sx

HelloI have a setup as: SSD as the main drive which is used for windows and long loading programs. And I have the original 750gb 7200rpm harddrive used for storing the documents, pictures, important files, and much more, even a partition with a linux...

Definitive HDMI output? G74SX

While it appears I have a toslink, I am curious as to whether anyone has gotten 5.1 successfully from their HDMI port. I have installed the newest drivers from NVIDIA's site as well as updating all the other drivers on the computer. However, my HDM...

Don't bother with a Newegg Warranty - Like EVER

Just got off the phone with the warranty service I purchased from Newegg with my g74sx and they're telling me that if I dropped my latop or ran it over my situation would be covered, but that since it's just a key that popped off (and won't go back o...

Those who Had enough of ASUS G74SX look here!

hi everyone I just would like to share my thoughts and experiences on this laptop. This is the 1st time I bought Asus laptop and I hope it wont be the last time.Problem 1: Most of the time when I do a start up on the laptop, the screen would either h...

Core Parked

Hi,A noob question: Is it ok unparking cores? I noticed in resmon/CPU that I have 4 cores (from parked. I proceeded to unpark them but I want to know that it's safe. I know this is a solution for battery duration but is there any other reason for pa...

AbbyY by Level 7
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Where can i buy this "thing i dont know what to name"

Hello forum users I just found out that one of them is gone, and i just cant find it .... So:1. What is the name of it?2. Where can i buy a new one? "What the fack are you talking about?"This: