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Some problems with G74SX

1. There's sound when the right area of the palm rest is pressed, as if there's a button there. The sounds are coming from theROG Logo, at the palm rest, and bottom edge of the palm rest (Tested by pressing all over the palm rest, not really a bigpro...

Spanish Keyboard?

GreetingsIs there any way I can get a G series laptop with spanish keyboard? Or at least is there any way I can switch the original chiclet english keyboard with the spanish one? I found some keyboards on the asus store site but I couldn't found a ke...

Brand new g74 freezes looking for advice.

I recived the g74 thursday out of the box i had problems with it freezing randomly and i would have to hard reset it. I clean installed windows 7 ultimate and installed good drivers. Still had the same problem. So I ran memtest-86 guess

Jdai35 by Level 7
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G74SX Bios File

Hey anyone know where I can get the firmware for the bios eprom chip on a G74sx? Asus wont give it up. Someone has to have that file somwhere. I will pay top dollar for it.

pa2806n by Level 8
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G74 Hinge adjustment

I just noticed that my screen is a tiny bit crooked and noticed it was because of how it was installed on the hinge. Is it possible to adjust how it sits on the hinge at all???

Retired by Not applicable
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Asus G73 OS:C is full data still has 300GB

So my OS C: is basically full because I have alot of games in there but my Data still has 300+ GB. How do I move some of my space from my over to my C:OS. I don't want to delete it, I just want to move some space over.I know you go to window and ...

296.16 or 301.24 beta?

Does anyone know which driver is best for all around performance. Also are their any special benefits to either? Thanks in advance.

My G73 just DIED!

My beloved G73 died after just 18 months of daily use. Sadly it can't be fixed. The company couldn't get another motherboard from Asus so they gave me a gift card for the value of the computer (It was still under warranty).Micro Center doesn't carry ...

Asus G53JW - SX080V

Hi guys! I have a notebook G53JW-SX080V and my opinion is if this laptop can handle without problems Battlefield 3?

Drago94 by Level 7
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