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G74SX sound problem

Hello,I have sound problemWhen playing an audio or open window (in this case, not always) there is a "fat"(knock) sound. He also appears when playing back audio and logo biosFlashing the BIOS to version 203 did not produce resultsHelp solve the probl...

OlegLTS by Level 7
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ASUS G73 Black Screen after booting

Hey RoG members, I'm having some trouble with my g73. I just recently updated my vBios with the vFlash so I could use CCC and ATI drivers. Everything was fine for quite a while until I would boot up and the laptop would run really slowly. I couldn't ...

JCastle by Level 7
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G73JH Bios Update 204 -> 213

Just buy Asus G73JH with 204 bios, I want update bios to 213. Using the Asus bios update utility (ASUS EZ Flash) would it be safe to update the bios or is there a risk to it?

Retired by Not applicable
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ROG Gaming Mouse - was yours also bad?

Hi,I purchased a G74SX and got the backpack and mouse included. It's one of those GX900 mouses. It looks really good but I can't for the life of me use it because it moves as soon as I click it. Even if the mouse is still, the cursor will move if I c...

Asus G73JH only Single Channel Mode

Hi there, sorry for my english.. my Asus got 2x2GB Hyundai HMT325S6BFR8C-H9 DDR3 PC3-10700 Ram ModulesOne Module behind the keyboard and the second is in the first slot on the bottom side of the Notebook.i make a short view of my CPU-Z resultsmodule ...

cabrinus by Level 7
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Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid SSD HDD 750GB

I'm thinking in buy this HDD for my G74SX-3DE. Does anybody have a Momentus XT, I saw a vídeo and it seems fast. Does it fit on my notebook?Thx a lot.

lvfmc by Level 7
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Procedure to new G74SX batteries?

Hi All,Today Asus is soo kind to replace my high ware-level G74SX batteries with a new batteries. Can someone please let me know the procedure for a new batteries?Do I let it charge 12hours and discharge to flat....... and repeat 3x.?or is that too m...

gg31hh by Level 7
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Where does G74SX take in air? Also Q's about temp.

I'm always curious about this question, so where does G74 take in its air? If possible, a pic would be nice :]Also, if you are a G74 owner, what is your usual idle temperature @ high performance mode (For CPU & GPU)? How high did the temperature go u...

Express Gate Cloud

I'm not sure what I did if anything but my G74sx keeps booting first in to EGC all of sudden. I tried to research how to disable this and all suggestions lead to a bios option. I can't find it. Matter of fact, can I just delete Express Gate? I se...

JKB0076 by Level 7
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Wieird fan issue G74

I have had my G74 for about 6 months now and the fan has only ramped up while playing games but recently even on idle the fan has been noticeably louder. According to SpeedFan the fan is running at 2170 RPM I really don't know why. Even when the comp...