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Wieird fan issue G74

I have had my G74 for about 6 months now and the fan has only ramped up while playing games but recently even on idle the fan has been noticeably louder. According to SpeedFan the fan is running at 2170 RPM I really don't know why. Even when the comp...

203 BIOS question

Ok, first of all I am a dummy when it comes to computers. I bought the G74S with the bluray drive and 3D glasses and all that jazz. I bought a gaming laptop so that I could play SWTOR at work and on the road. I'm very happy with it so far, but I'm...

Yoots by Level 7
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Gaming issue after ~2 hours

Hi all!I have such issue:First hour or two I playnig without any troubles.After this time I having loading (not perfomance) issue. I mean: maps, levels etc. become to loading slower.Temps of CPU and GPU are same all the time.Other parameters, such as...

dreezt by Level 7
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Purple screen and frozen?

Anyone had this happen on there g74sx before?Has happened 4 times now including today, around twice a week since purchase. Just happened again 5min ago.


G74Sx cpu temperatures??

Hello fellow RoG's,Yesterday I suddenly experienced the fans in my G74Sx starting to race like hell and the hot air venting out of the rear suddenly seemed much warmer than usual... So I installed RealTemp and had it log while I was playing a bit of ...

Problem with my G73SW-XT1

Hello guys, I'm new on this forum. So, I have my G73SW-XT1 like a year ago. In the past week I'd been watching videos with my wife and suddenly the image freezes out with an annoying buzzer sound. I quickly press the ON/OFF button but the system don'...

Can0puS by Level 7
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Need a bag to hold the G74sx

Hi,Could somebody recommend a notebook bag that will fit their G74sx please.All the bags that I've now bought (3 of them saying they fit a 17" notebook) are too small for the G74sx to fit in them, so I've had to take each of them back.Basically I wou...

Changing the mac address of G74sx

So I bought a G74sx and i tried to spoof the mac addressMy wireless card is Atheros AR9002WB-1NGand although I looked everywhere over the internet to search the means of finding a method to change my mac address. Nothing seems to have workedI change ...

cscspro by Level 7
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