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Changing the mac address of G74sx

So I bought a G74sx and i tried to spoof the mac addressMy wireless card is Atheros AR9002WB-1NGand although I looked everywhere over the internet to search the means of finding a method to change my mac address. Nothing seems to have workedI change ...

cscspro by Level 7
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New G74sx with files 3 years old???

Alright so here is my problem... I bought my G74sx in January 2012. When I received it my SSD drive is over half full and constantly shrinking even though I have not installed anything to it. Upon searching the C:/ the winsxs folder is 10 Gb and grow...

WiFi Problems with latest updates

Hello,Since 2 weeks ago i start facing wifi problems on my G74sx, when i start up laptop everything loaded up, i click on wifi, 2x on my router name and then windows trying to connect, after 10 sec it give me message “was unable to connect” 1-fix pro...

g74sx Touchpad problem

Hey guys so Ive had this g74sx for awhile now and I think the trackpad has been bad since day 1. I originally bought it to play games, So i used a mouse for the first 2 months until I used the touchpad and realized how bad it was. Today it has bec...

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Need help with G73 RMA

Hello there. I have a G73 that I bought at Best Buy last January (2011). It appears that the video card has fried itself, system will not display any video or turn the screen on, and there are no beeps or anything. Some internet research indicates th...

Intel WIFI Centrino Advanced N 6235 in G73JW?

Hi Everyone,I've had enough with the stock Atheros card in my G73JW - it just started BSOD'ing for me again for no apparent reason (I think it has to do with number of open connections).I want to replace it with an Intel card. I was going to order a...

Temperature in IDLE GTX 560M GPUs for high

Hello you and excuse me my English here! I have an ASUS G53SX-S1285V - Laptop 15.6'' Full HD - Intel Core i7-2670QM (2.2 GHz) - 500 GB - 4096 MB RAM - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M. The laptop is almost new used 3 weeks / I noticed aec software CPUID that...

dlemenn by Level 7
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G74sx Air Intake Location?

I went to the Asus website regarding my laptop regarding air flow for my laptop and it states the following:"With the amount of power in the G74SX, some serious cooling is needed. A unique venting design pulls air from underneath the notebook, coolin...

Loddoss by Level 7
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G74SX Atheros 9002WB-1NG Wireless Garbage

I apologize in advance if this post gets a little 'ranty,' but this wireless card is ridiculous.Approximately 4 months ago I ordered a G74SX-A1 from newegg and overall I have been quite pleased with the laptop. There are a few things that I find slig...

cwoggon by Level 7
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Problems upgrading G53SX to 16GB RAM

I bought 2x4GB of Kingston 1333MHz PC3-10600 CAS 9-9-9-24 and installed it in my G53SX, and now I'm getting errors in MemTest86+. (MemTest86+ reports the timings as 9-9-9-24 as expected.)The system came with 2x4GB Hynix 1333MHz DDR3 populated in the ...

nagromo by Level 7
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