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G74SX-DH72 - Trottling

I saw the main thread for G73/G5-somethin thread for throttling, but I wasn't sure if it applied to the G74SX as well. I mean, I know I probably have to use ThrottleStop, but problem is, the G74SX charger is 150W, and 180W is recommended.I also remem...

G73sw GTX460m vs G74sx GTX560m

OK Ive been looking at reviews and it looks like the the GTX460m and GTX560m are the same GPU core...its just that Optimus will be supported this time...if there is a improvement it will be slight...So people who prefers the G73 asthetics compared to...

jorlanm by Level 7
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Bios update problem

I am new to the ASUS computers and have a G74sx. I guess you could say that I am not exactly computer / windows savvy either. Therefore, I don't know what this BIOS thing is all about and my NVIDIA driver isn't updating from the beta version that w...

Retired by Not applicable
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G74SX-XT1 & Vizio E422VL HDMI Problem

When I connect my laptop to the tv through HDMI (tried it with two different cables & Ports) I get input lag with the mouse (track pad & wired external) and about a ms lag response in video. The TV is 120hz and the laptop I'm using is the non 3d so i...

mjstrd by Level 7
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How to turn off Wi-Fi on G74SX?

How do you turn off the wi-fi on G74SX? Not just disable it in the network option, how do you turn off the wireless light (at where the power light is)?Does it save battery if I turn it off? Thank you very much.

swangger by Level 7
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Urgent clean install help

Hi guys, I have a G74SX, and I have a 6230n Intel WIFI card on it, and an extra 500gb hard drive that I have CS5.5 Suite installed, along with important software like office 2010 with license etc.I also did the anytime upgrade to w7 ultimate 64 bit, ...

Another issue with graphics...

well i now i have noticed when i go in and out of different lighted areas i see almost like a clear line move horizontally up the screen? I have come to a conclusion that it is most likley my screen because i recorded a video with fraps but the line...

mbuxx by Level 7
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G74SX - Blu-Ray?

I am wondering, is it possible to replace the standard DVD writer in my G74SX with a Blu-Ray drive/Writer? I know that on some laptops you can do this. If so, what brand/model of blu-ray writer would you recommend?Thanks!Thomas