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Nvidia New GPU 's

I noticed that the new GPU's launched by nvidia have the same fermi archetecture of the 500m realeases :gtx660m is a down clocked core of the gtx560m + more cuda coresgtx670m is a down clocked core of the gtx570mgtx675m is a down clocked core of th...

Alilas by Level 7
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For those experiencing faint horizontal lines

It's a driver issue. Roll back to 285 drivers and you'll suffer no more. The performance cost in latest games ( Bf3,sc2,Diablo3) is negligible.At any rate, head on over to this thread and voice your concerns on the matter. Perhaps if this thread gets...

Asus support problems (G53JW-XT1 motherboard failure)

Asus has put me in an uncomfortable position; my G53JW-XT1 has failed 3 times in under a year with the same issue (the failure is motherboard related (to do with the power plug being very poorly manufactured)), the repair shop told me they replaced t...

Gorman by Level 12
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BIOS update G53SX download link?

hello guys, i need some help here..i want update to the latest BIOS. but i don't know where to download..because this is too risky..can someone provide a links..i don't know if my BIOS version is already old. here my BIOS version : BIOS: BIOS Date: ...

G53JW-XA1 Fan/Heat Problem

I have G53JW XA1 that recently get very hot at the right fan after 30 minutes using it. After i disassemble my laptop i found that my right fan its not working, then i swap the fan with the left one but it still not working, so maybe this is not the ...

Angween by Level 7
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g74sx 3D keyboard help

okay just wondering . is the keyboard keys suppose to be removable like other laptops ? because i wanted to clean the spacebar and took it out . but i noticed a part plastic like broke off . i put it back together but now the left side of the key sli...

WLAN function key....

Hi all,As you may know the WLAN function key in G series notebooks, at least in my G53JW, is too far away from being really functional and smart. Here is what i've found when this key (FN + F2) is used along with Wireless Console Utility:1) Disablin...