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Cpu overheat. G73J

Hi,Actually when im playing i have an high T° on my CPU and then shutdown after 10min.Is there any correction to apply?Thanks.

g74sx Fan issue

Hello i bought an G74SX-TZ254V for around 2 month ago and recently the fan sounds like running faster or something its more noise then it has been befor i tried use pressured air was not that issue, checked the speed with fanspeed its 2180rpm and 300...

HellVaX by Level 7
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g74sx 3D. Screen turns a static Pink out of nowhere.

Well when i was just watching a movie on the laptop everything was clear . Normal colors nothing out of the ordinary . Then all of a sudden like the freezes and turns all blurry and Pink. i tried to ctrl alt delt but it didnt work. nothing really wor...

Nvidia driver possible fail?

idk if my Nvidia driver update installed correctly because compared to the last time i installed it my firefox font looks different what could have gone wrong? or is it fine?

Austin by Level 7
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Asus G74SX-RH71?

Hey everyone. I am new to the forums and have been gaming on an Acer Aspire 8930g for a few years now and was looking into the G74sx series. I've come across a few different ones on Amazon but the specs aren't listed in absolute 100% detail. The firs...

Mourne by Level 7
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Need some help on BIOS

I got a message today on my Asus G74-sx BBK7 on the live update program with many updates needing to be installed. So I ran the update and everything seemed to go fine and install properly Other the two things. My ethernet when installing a supposedl...

G73JH WiFi issues with external antenna

I'm currently running a G73JH at work, using a AWUS036NH Alfa external wifi booster. Everything was fun up until a weak ago, when my internet speed suddenly plummeted to nowhere. Usually I would get around 100kbps on the download using a unsecured ...

Cervani by Level 7
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Out of the box issues

I just received my new ROG G74S and started it up. After an agonizing 90 minutes of trying to get the initial setup complete and the computer wanting to update everything all at once, I rebooted. Since it was running slower than my current 4 year old...