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Graphic anomalies

Hello all,I just picked up my G74SX- TZ358V and right out of the box I noticed while browsing web pages a lot of graphic anomalies popping up all over the screen, pages tearing, colored squares and bars popping up. I've installed and played a few gam...

walks13 by Level 7
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Heads up: AMD 7970M DESTROYS EVERYTHING the whole thread for more information... $50 more then GTX 675M and obliterates anything it touches. You would be a very silly person t...

g73jh-rbbx05 temporary freeze while gaming

I got the laptop from someone on craigslist. I fresh installed all the drivers and windows 7 ultimate(legit copy).Specs: i7 720qm 1.6-2.8 turbo12gb ddr3 1333intel 320 SSD 40gb for OS/driversSandisk ultra 120gb for gamesATI mobility hd5870m 1gb ddr5in...

G53SX-RH71 BIOS 209 Bricked?

Is it just me or is this extremely poor design? Why is this BIOS posted under downloads in support section if it has shown to cause massive problems?It bricked my laptop when nothing bad happened. Flash completed without errors, power loss, etc. Matt...

Older display driver versions

Are there any sites out there where its possible to download the older versions of the ati mobility display drivers? the new versions are messing up my system.thanks

Kayine by Level 7
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Asus G53S, im not sure if its underperforming?

Hey guys, about 3 months ago i bought the Asus G53S (the one with i7 2630QM 8gb ram, and the gtx460m.WHen i first got it, it was very quiet. I struggled to hear it. Now when i use it, it is very easy to hear and quite loud TBH.Also, when i play WoW i...

Retired by Not applicable
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Nvidia New GPU 's

I noticed that the new GPU's launched by nvidia have the same fermi archetecture of the 500m realeases :gtx660m is a down clocked core of the gtx560m + more cuda coresgtx670m is a down clocked core of the gtx570mgtx675m is a down clocked core of th...

Alilas by Level 7
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For those experiencing faint horizontal lines

It's a driver issue. Roll back to 285 drivers and you'll suffer no more. The performance cost in latest games ( Bf3,sc2,Diablo3) is negligible.At any rate, head on over to this thread and voice your concerns on the matter. Perhaps if this thread gets...

Asus support problems (G53JW-XT1 motherboard failure)

Asus has put me in an uncomfortable position; my G53JW-XT1 has failed 3 times in under a year with the same issue (the failure is motherboard related (to do with the power plug being very poorly manufactured)), the repair shop told me they replaced t...

Gorman by Level 12
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