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Killer 2100

Hello, I just bought the Killer 2100 VisionTek Gaming Network Card. I was wondering if there were any tutorials as to how to install it when the item ships to me. Can anyone lead me to assistance?

g75 ds vs ns

Anyone tell the differences between the asus ds series vs newegg asus g75 ns series?

Optical drives!?!?

Uhm.. Hello Asus - we are in 2012!Drop the archaic integrated optical drives and instead use the space for something more useful.They really are so rarely used that I no longer have an optical drive in my two main computers (desktop and laptop) and I...

Not sure how to descibe this..

Just curious if any of you have come across this.. Sorry for the topic name but I didn't know how to accurately describe it..So there I was playing bf3 for a few hours.. no problems.I took a break, started browsing youtube for an hour or so.Go to pla...

2 month old G53SW

Question how much do you think a 2month old ASUS G53SW laptop should go for? I'm putting mine on eBay in the next month or so...

Power4Gear Hybrid problem.

Hi!Yesterday I installed a new SSD to my G53sx, installed Windows on it, downloaded all the drivers and useful programs.And now I get blue-screen when my computer has been in "Quiet Office" mode for a few minutes. My current settings for "Quiet Offic...

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