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Cover for Blu-Ray Drive?

I've got a G74sx with a super DVD drive and just bought a blu-ray drive. I'd like to have a blu-ray cover for the drive as opposed to using my current cover that says DVD (ok, so I'm picky). Is there a way to buy those covers?Thanks,Chris

Blue screen thingy

I've been getting the dumping physical memory thing whenever i plug out my mouse when my computer is on, is this normal? Something wrong with my computer? Or is it my fault that this happens???

Intel Centrino 6230 problem in G53SW

I had to replace the stock card in my laptop (same as my signature), and I put an Intel Centrino 6230 in. Now it keeps dropping connection to my router and my speeds drop from around 15-20mb/s to under 1mb/s. I know it is not my modem or router becau...

G73JW what mother board drivers will i need?

Hi everyone.I'm going to attempt to format my laptop because during a lot of games it stutters, even if I lower setting, and its only games like Minecraft. But more importantly i'm hoping to be able to run Diablo 3 when it comes out.I asked a guy at ...

Hermit by Level 7
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g74sx-dh71 help

hello everyone. I'm brand new to the site and i've been trying to find information on how to upgrade my dh71. Dont wanna sound like an idiot here with all you more experienced people on the forums but bare with this noobie. I enjoy learning how to en...

440hsp by Level 9
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Laptop Freezes and screen turns red/purple

Hello Again,So the last two days I have experienced a really weird occurrence on my G74SX. Yesterday I was browsing facebook and randomly my laptop froze and my screen turned a redish purple color and I couldn't do anything besides hold down my power...

Backlit keyboard broken?

So I just got my g74 back from bestbuy repair (bios update fried the board, so sent it in and they replaced the motherboard), and now the backlit keyboard doesn't work. the fn key and all the other options work, just not the backlit keyboard. Is ther...

olounda by Level 7
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4 Year old Desktop - Leaning towards G Series Laptop

Hello everybody!I am a tad bit out dated with all the new chipsets and such that are out. My current computer is four years old and I'm starting to really see how out of date my hardware is in terms of performance.Asus Rampage FormulaQ6600GTX 280 SSC...

euro3er by Level 7
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