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Backlit keyboard broken?

So I just got my g74 back from bestbuy repair (bios update fried the board, so sent it in and they replaced the motherboard), and now the backlit keyboard doesn't work. the fn key and all the other options work, just not the backlit keyboard. Is ther...

olounda by Level 7
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4 Year old Desktop - Leaning towards G Series Laptop

Hello everybody!I am a tad bit out dated with all the new chipsets and such that are out. My current computer is four years old and I'm starting to really see how out of date my hardware is in terms of performance.Asus Rampage FormulaQ6600GTX 280 SSC...

euro3er by Level 7
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G74SX 3D Vision - Where to buy glasses...

So when I bought my G74SX from it said it was 3D vision capable with a 120hz monitor. And on the notebook you can turn 3D on and off. I read in another post that ASUS doeesnt sell 3D capable notebooks without the glasses however, at ASUS.c...

Retired by Not applicable
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Video Card Drivers

Just curious what you guys do. Pretty sure I know the answer but want to run it by you.I assume you all install the latest Nvidia driver any time Nvidia releases one. Yes?I only ask because (it kind of annoys me that) when you use the Nvidia UPDATE C...

Touchpad randomly dies

Sup everyone!So, I use my laptop quite often (G74SX-KBB8 to be exact) - woke up this morning and my touchpad was working fine. Came home to see my touchpad isn't working (tried a restart, tried driver installation, tried to enable/disable via hotkeys...

G73 problems

About a year ago I purchased a g73 from a local best buy. Everything worked great for 6 months or so. Then everything went to hell. First, it started overheating. Constantly. Not even 2 minutes after I turned it on it would over heat. I took it to ge...

G 73sw problem

Hello fellows.I’ve got a really bad problem with my g73 sw laptop, it's nearly 3-4 month is the scenario> I was playing call of duty modern warfare, BOOM overheat , colors changed - instead of white i had yellow, instead of blue i had violet...

illia by Level 7
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Killer 2100

Hello, I just bought the Killer 2100 VisionTek Gaming Network Card. I was wondering if there were any tutorials as to how to install it when the item ships to me. Can anyone lead me to assistance?

g75 ds vs ns

Anyone tell the differences between the asus ds series vs newegg asus g75 ns series?