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G73jh Battery / BSOD issues

Hi i own a G73jh and the oddest thing is happening. I have used it as a desktop but have recently been using it to just sit on the couch and browse the net as an actual lappy. Every so often i get a BSOD while just MOVING it around it never has happe...

ASUS model codes… please explain

Looking on the net there are a lot of different models for the G75VW and some are very similar and looks like warranty differences, drive and ram config or bundles etc but what do the letters mean eg: G75VW-DS72, G75VW-TS72, G75VW-AS71, G75VW-RS72, ...

Griffin by Level 7
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New G75

Just Got mine Yesterday.......... So Far, I like it More than my G74.......:) Well worth the Money! :rolleyes:

G74sx or G75vw

Hi everyone. My first post here so I hope somebody can help. I am looking to buy a new notebook to replace my old M50Vm and the only purpose in mind is gaming especially SWTOR. I have been comparing models of the G74 and then I heard the G75 was comi...

lost factoy F117 desktop picture

Hi Guys, my pic of the F117 which is the Asus factory desktop pic has disappered from my laptop. I was away from the office for a few days and when I came back and started up my G53 the desktop pic had gone and the desktop is now black with the short...

Random Turquoise Scerren

So I was just browsing youtube when suddenly my entire screen turns turquoise no keys will respond so I just turn the computer offwindows gives me a "Windows did not shut down correctly error" but I just start windows normally. This is kind of scarin...

internet problem!

I need.some helpful advice from you tech savvy guys on here. As of lately my internet connection at home has been quirky to say the least. When i run speedtest of of my phone using the wifi i hit anywhere from 20 to 24 mbps download and 4 to 6 upload...

440hsp by Level 9
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asus g73sw shutdown when playing games

its just shuts off, no warning, errorcode, just shuts off like the power dissapears. temps are fine in both cpu and gpu!!! not over 70c in cpu and 80c in gpu.anyone else experiencing this?battfield 3 and guildwars2 beta so far shuts down the laptop r...

yetirog by Level 7
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G73jh GPU THermal Paste leaking?

I normally leave my laptop on a cooling pad (these hard gel packs that absorb heat, actually it works pretty well for a passive heat dissipation solution) and picked it up yesterday and noticed a bunch of white residue on the cooling pad, which was a...

KC0GRN by Level 7
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