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Skyrim massive frame drops on g75

Hi there Got this new baby yesterday installed skyrim and ****. I can´t play that game. The game drops down to 2fps every 10 secs. Unplayable!I installed all new drivers from asus. In an other tread i read this could have something to do with cpu thr...

Asus g74 - Does it overheat while at external screen?

My current setup is that I have my laptop plugged to my external screen when I'm at home. I close the laptop lid and use it like that. However I am wondering if there could happen any damage, to the laptop screen, if I play for a long time? If the la...

Code by Level 8
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RMA Process an Absolute Nightmare!

Back on the 4th of April I had to submit a warranty repair claim on my Asus G53 series laptop after the charging pin separated itself from the motherboard when removing my charger. While I found this to be annoying I understand things happen and it ...

JMac5450 by Level 7
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Anyone have the best settings for the G73Sw in BF3? I am getting 35 outside at best....anyone getting better?RAM: 8gGFX: GTX460mCPU: i7-2630QM 2.0

NMCB24 by Level 7
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G55: Deleted Recovery partitotn, CD recovery failed

Hello, i have a problem with the recovery. I deleted HDD Recovery partition by an accident, so the drive is now clean. Hovewer, i ordered and recived Recovery CD from Asus website, but the CD recovery always fail about 20 seconds after boot, it says ...

zburgr by Level 7
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G73SW-A1 cooling fan won't throttle down.

The laptop has worked fine for a year now, but all of a sudden the cooling fan won't throttle down. It's usually so quiet I can hardly hear it. Any idea what might have happened? Is there a bios setting that controls the fan speed that may have been...

Looking to replace my AR9285 wifi card in G73-JW

I'm looking to replace the Atheros AR9285 card in my g73-jw. Something that can support 300mbps and connect to 5ghz on my dlink 825. I know this can be done, but can someone suggest which appropriate card and where to buy? thanks

MZR77 by Level 7
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Does G53sx support SATA 6Bbps SSD?

I do plan to change one of the HDD to SSD... and i know there is 2 types of SSD, SATA 3Gbps and SATA 6Gbps... i am curious whether g53sx support the SSD with 6Gbps? any1 have any idea or tried to insert a Sata 6Gbps ssd before into their g53sx?