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Looking to replace my AR9285 wifi card in G73-JW

I'm looking to replace the Atheros AR9285 card in my g73-jw. Something that can support 300mbps and connect to 5ghz on my dlink 825. I know this can be done, but can someone suggest which appropriate card and where to buy? thanks

MZR77 by Level 7
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Does G53sx support SATA 6Bbps SSD?

I do plan to change one of the HDD to SSD... and i know there is 2 types of SSD, SATA 3Gbps and SATA 6Gbps... i am curious whether g53sx support the SSD with 6Gbps? any1 have any idea or tried to insert a Sata 6Gbps ssd before into their g53sx?

G47sx is getting hotter fans workign more?

latly my computer seems to be getting hotter but its mostly when im playing games is there a reason for that ?atm the fans are running tot he point i can hear them and only things i have running is skype and the internet and my computer is on balance...

Austin by Level 7
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Problem: G73S Loud Right Fan

Hi all,As of last night, the right fan on my Asus G73S has been extremely loud. I've had the laptop for about a year now, and it has never happened before. The fan on the right side of the laptop is extremely fast/loud (to the point where the right s...

raffym by Level 7
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Driver Fail Question

Well i picked my Asus up at Best Buy. I also picked up an Intel 120 GB SSD to use as the boot drive and game drive. The problem is the backup disk i made didnt work for ****. When i installed windows 7 on the SSD and reformated my HDD all my drive...

ASUS ROG Shuttle Backpack

ASUS ROG Shuttle Backpack : recently bough a g74sx because I'm going to college. I need a good backpack to carry this huge laptop along with a few books. I saw this backpack on the asus and...

KEEP by Level 7
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Ok guys this isn't necessarily a problem with my laptop. I just have a question for all you tech savvy gurus on here. Can one of you explain to me (in simple detail lolol) how to move things like my steam,origin,and windows games, and my music files ...

440hsp by Level 9
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