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ASUS ROG G73SW-3DE Laptop...anyone interested?

ASUS ROG G73SW-3DE Laptop...anyone interested? I bought this back in May 2011 for $2100, Well kept and still look brand new and 1 yr warranty still left on it...Asking for $1300...http://hothardware.c...otebook-Review/( The review model was an A1...t...

jorlanm by Level 7
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ASUS G75VW-T1031V - Battlefield 3 ingame issue..

Hi.I just bought my verry first Asus laptop yesterday.ASUS G75VW-T1031V Intel i7-3610QM17.3" 8GB 750GB GTX-670M-3GB USB3.0 Win7I have swapped main hdd with an agiliy 3, 128gb sata-III ssd and made "old" hdd a secondary storage disk.Reinstalled window...

ac adapter for my g75

hellourgently need an ac adapter for my G75. burned my adapter and I need a compatible until I have the original.Anyone know a compatible model?thank you

ASUS G74/G75 Screen Problems

Hello all.Sorry if I am beating a dead horse here but I figured I'd share my experience with my purchase. I originally bought a G74 back in March and noticed that anytime there was a difference of brightness/contrast in a pc game or video; there woul...

Gonna buy G74SX but have a few questions...

I'm looking to buy G74sx 3DE for my college later this month. But i have a few questions :1) Are the issues regarding Keyboard and mouse have been solved? I've seen forums full of people complaining about that.2) How good is the 3D in gaming and movi...

Battlefield 3

Hey guys , I want to ask you about game on pc Battlefield 3. I've notebook Asus G53JW-SX080V. However, i don't know what details I will play on my notebook. Can you tell me if I will play smoothly?THX

G75 - No Dual Band on wireless

I recently purchased a G75 -VW from best buy, uped memory to 16GB and a samsung 830 256 gb ssd. Realy like it. I use it mostly for software development (large builds, heavy visual studio)Runs very cool and quiet.I was under the impression that it had...

Just Bought my G7VW, Problem ALREADY. PLEASE HELP!

Let me preface this by letting you all know, im some what of a n00b. I just bought my asus G7VW, started it up, everything was going well, it was a little slow at startup, but overall it was good. I used the asus live update feature to update feature...

Browzer by Level 7
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My Backlit keyboard..

hey guys i never thought i would be posting this but for some reason only the bottom layer of lights are really bright witch is fine except i paid 39 dollars to xoticpc to make them purple so i can see it. well only the bottom are there a ...

Holy by Level 7
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G73-jw lagging

So my laptop lags in every game i try. At first a game runs smoothly by few seconds, then it freezes for a second, and then runs smoothly for few seconds..Few months ago same games worked perfectly.I have tried to reinstall windows with format many t...