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Sound issue: g74s separate input jackets realtek

Hello.My first post have a g74 s with realteak and creative thx soundboost, scratch my head why there are two audio brands anyway my problem is that i cant separate the jackets in device setting in realtek audio so the sound from mic and headphones...

296.16 Question

Hello guys i need guidance in something, 2 month's ago i bought a g74sx and it was working perfectly, one day i was doing nothing so i decided to upgrade my drivers etc, so i upgrade nVidia driver 268.37 to the one nVidia had on their web page 296.10...

Asus G53SX

Hi guys! For some time the screen on my G53SX started to flicker and show some wierd green fields of pixels, when moving the screen they would move around on the screen.Yesterday i thought, well why not open the thing and look if there is any cables ...

G75vw-AS71 (Amazon) 750 GB Hard Drive Question

Hi guys..Im new to the ROG family.Ive actually just placed my order for my laptop. Really really excited.Had to order it with my cousin in the US...Waiting for her to bring it down next month when she comes to visit.Ive got a question about the 750gb...

_avi by Level 7
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Hey I just purchased the G74SX-BBK11 from Best Buy and will be replacing one of the HDDs with a Crucial M4 128gb SSD.I havent turned the machine on yet since I purchased it but I want to know what steps I should take before swapping the drives. I've ...

iamjuice by Level 7
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Problems running The Witcher 2 on a G74SX

I recently picked up The Witcher 2 when the enhanced edition was released, and I couldn't have been more excited to play it (I greatly enjoyed the first game). The problem, however, is that once the game was installed, I couldn't even run it on low s...

Throbbz by Level 7
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G53 SX Power jack - LOOSE PART - Help, please!

Hello!Just now, when I pulled out the power jack out of my G53 SX A1, it started wildly changing from AC mode to battery mode and when I looked at the power jack (the cable part), it contained a golden piece of metal, kind of bullet-shaped. It's just...

Phate18 by Level 7
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