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Used G74 Price

Hi all,I have an Asus G74sx-A1 laptop, and i'm planning to sell it on so that I could buy a new laptop. It is in very good conditions, and I'm wondering what would be a fair price for it? Also, are there any other websites besides Ebay that I could s...

screenproblem? asus g75 vw

The plastik around my screen poped lose after unpaking. I poped i back on. Is this something i should be concerned about?It seems like the frame around the screen is losely constructed.

:) a positive thread, for once

I would just like to put something positive out there and say that all 3 of my G series laptops are working great, which I admit is sometimes not the case. But it is in large part due to the help of all the great people here on these forums.Anyways, ...

kiba by Level 10
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G53SX After Windows Update

Hi.. im kinda new to this forum and to my laptop..So... what i did here is i saw theres a few windows update available and i downloaded the windows updateand restarted my laptop.After getting back on.. i found out that my Laptop Keyboard Light was go...

DexSky by Level 8
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G75VW Fan Controller

I have just purchased a G75VW and was wondering if by any chance is possible to manually control the speed of both or at least one of the fans. I'v tried FanSpeed, FanXpert and could not get any control of tem. Also by using EVGA Precision the fan sp...

G74SX-BBK8 mouse issues

So I have a BBK8 gaming laptop and have been having issues with the touchpad. When I click the right button it works and when I click the left button it works, but when I click both at the same time nothing happens. The same thing happens with ever...

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G73S ATK0100 launch error?

When i boot up my notebook here right as it loads the desktop i get an error about ATK0100, ill edit this toinclude a snapshot of the error when i reboot my computer, and as well fn+f3,f4,f10,f11, or f11 don't work, and when i turn the brightness up ...

ATI Crap Cleaner

Several people have requested this so I was able to get of a copy to post here. Copy the code and paste it into a text editor then save it as a file with the .bat extension. Dbl-Click to run it.@echo offecho ----------------------------------------...

JRd1st by Level 12
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G73 Boot Problem

Dear ASUS communityI have a problem with my G73JH.When I boot my PC is a blue screen with the text:Check to be sure you have adequate disc space.Check for driver updates ......!And:Check with vendor for any BIOS updates.Sun bios I have to 211 the max...

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Asus G75 display.... is every G75 . 1920X1080 or not ?

By best buy... and another www no they are not...but tiger direct has official specifications where is display resolution 1920x1080... for all modelsand first model below specification that is avalible in store to buy is 1600x800, now I'm confused......