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G74SX vs the new game Max Payne 3!

Hello ROG-Community,i got the new DX11 game Max Payne 3!So i though lets give it a try and look what are my FPS ingame^^:So whate i have done:-set my GPU clock to 900/1800/1625 (stable)-ingame Settings everything MAX except(MSAA because it is hard fo...

Karuro by Level 7
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G53JW - Slow down in F1 2011 after a few laps

Hi there,I'm facing a very interesting slow down, that is, a momentary slow that occurs after about 3-4 laps in F1 2011. I have installed Nvidia 296.10 which is the latest WHQL and my F1 2011 graphics details for my GTX 460 are everything is HIGH exc...

why is does it lag?

my games lags all the time, it isnt the internet problem. anyone knows the problem to the expensive g74sx gaming pc? but it lags more when i play Diablo III. it better not lag! omg.... why! WHY!!!!!!!! anyway... help please. aaaannnnd the mic is not...

tegnebok by Level 7
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Back Cover Impossible To Remove G75 0_0

So yeah, I unscrewed the back cover to upgrade the RAM..........And i cant get the damn thing off! lmao, its like super glued onto the frame of the laptop. :mad:Any suggestions? I don't want to break it : /

Daylife by Level 9
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G75 Warranty Void

Hi all, I just wondered what will void your warranty in global terms of unscrewing something. Primarily I ask this because I am curious weather the 660m is up gradable since if you remove the back cover and see through the GPU horizontally, you notic...

G73SW Monitor Problem

Hi!I've mi G73SW and I love this computer, but, a days ago they start to switch the color black for green, so is impossible to play with ALL green, seems to be a monitor problem, because if i connect it via VGA or HDMI to an external monitor, the pro...

mataqs4 by Level 7
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Windows8 A no go, need help recovering system

system: G74SX-1atybought from newegg.comFrom the day I received this system I had various issues. Most notably frequent wireless connection drops. So I thought I'd start with a clean install. I changed out the hard drive with a seagate 500G hybri...

jacklig by Level 7
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Questions regarding purchasing g74 from amazon.

I have done months of research on desktop replacement laptops and have come to the conclusion that the Asus g74sx is the all-around best choice for what I want. The cooling system in the RoG laptops are amazing and to get a laptop with the equivalent...

Shane by Level 7
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