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ASUS G73JHRF-RBBX05 Motherboard dead

My motherboard is dead and I am looking to have it replaced. Two questions :1) I have the browm (older?) version of the motherboard. I see there is a green (newer?) one as well. Does it matter which motherboard I purchase? Are they exactly compatible...

On my 3rd G75 :(

Well so far this is my 3rd G75.....The first one the border around the screen was completely popped off, the 2nd G75 the subwoofer seemed like it was blown. Now im on my 3rd G75 and yesterday when i opened it the bottom panel to get to the internals ...

Daylife by Level 9
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G74SX-DH71 not saving BIOS prefs.

Hi, I've having one problem lately that is affecting me too much: my BIOS doesn't save my wanted boot sequence. I want it to start loading with HD 1, but it just starts with the HD 0. Every time I have to go to the BIOS and select the drive I want to...

XiiiX by Level 7
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G73SW Freezing & Sound Looping Forcing Hard Reboot

I've been having a single but large issue with my laptop since I bought it about a year ago.Description of the problem: Laptop freezes and loops a very short interval (few milliseconds) of robot noise through the speakers. Not able to use any keybo...

Tuxedos by Level 7
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New to forum - G75 touchpad question

Hey there everyone !I just bought a g75vw-T1013v two days ago and i absolutely love it ;Di had the left sound issues which i kinda sorted out by balancing the speakers.just my little question is, is the touch pad meant to look like it has a plastic c...

Battery Question

I am wondering if I should remove the battery when I am not using the computer on battery power. I am hoping to get it to last as long as possible. I think I heard that it would still work without the battery. Let me know folks.

Without battery ASUS G74SX

As you know ASUS G74Sx is not so portable computer and can be used like Desktop. In this case is it save to unplugged battery and work from electricity. Is it save or it will be better to use with battery?What do you think and what can recommend AS...

CodeRed by Level 7
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