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Help with lock-ups!!

Hi everyone. I own a g53sx notebook (2 months old). In some games, diablo 3 for example, my pc will randomly lock up and the sound will stutter. Sometimes i can alt-tab and sometimes i cant. The times I cant, it will stay locked up for like a minute ...

Windows 7 freezing with SSD

For the most part my system seems to run stable. I can play games and have no issues. However, when installing games or if I copy say 13gb of data from the a different drive to the SSD it causes the system to hang. If I try to open Chrome or Task Man...

games on g series anyone?

back in those days i use to play prince of percia black & white pixel graphic, iwish i could those to install on my g series,back in the days we install using the 7inch floppy(that old days...) what is your fave old time games and would love to have ...

DEFTSTAR by Level 7
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G75VW Performance Issues

Ok, so just got my new G75-TS71 last week, waitied a couple days and got my SSD delivered, installed that on Saturday, deleted all the bloatware. Other then that I really haven't had time to do much with my system yet, I've downloaded a couple progr...

Nogara by Level 7
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Glasses-Free 3D G55VW

OK, everyone/anyone, who knows what the glasses-free driver is for the G55VW? Did ASUS finally release a glasses-free 3D notebook for the masses? @Brian, do you know? There were rumors/Youtube videos of a glasses-free 3D G53SX, but it never appeared ...

Going from G60VX to G55SW

Currently, I have the ASUS G60VX-RBBX05, and it's starting to show its age. I'm considering replacing it with the G55VW (

changing OS to Win 7 Ultimate

my new G75vw's came with Windows Home 7. i have a Windows 7 Ultimate version i'd like to all i need is the G75 driver CD that came with it and my Windows 7 Ultimate dvd? or is there some other proprietary SW the G75vw needs that i'm not aw...

MUPiSz by Level 7
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Windows + Games on one HDD or separate ?

Hey men, i need an advice. what is the best solution for playing games if i have windows and games installed on first hdd or games should be on second hdd with other programs. You know which solution is faster and better for playing without lags, fas...

G73JH Hardware Problem (Video Card) Help

As of about 5 days ago, my laptop gives me blue screens. The blue screens only occur when I pick up the laptop a certain way and move it (esp. If i have to move it from the couch to the coffee table). I will get a BCCode 124 which seems to be video c...