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Mouse Problem! Need Help!

I own Asus g74sx-bb8 from bestbuy. The problem is that my mouse randomly stops moving without reason in any usb 2.0 ports. Ports are working great I tested by plugging usb flash drive and it worked. Even mouse glows, but doesn't move and doesn't reac...

Bishmar by Level 7
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A question before buying the G55VW

Hi, I'm very close to buy an ASUS G55 laptop. I just have a couple of questions before buying.Is the network adapter easily changeable?Does the PC have UEFI BIOS?Is it compatible with Plextor SSD?Is it possible to change the drive bay into a second H...

Recovery CD missing/lost is there a way to replace?

I had let my brother borrow my G73 for college after his computer became infested with viruses, as it was during finals i felt bad for him whatever, but anyways, when i get it back, it is so infested that it can only stay on (unless it is in safe mod...

kiba by Level 10
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GPU Tweak for G75 660M?

Hey guys I was wondering if the GPU Tweak program will work with the 660m in the G75? Are there any other better programs out there to overclock the GPU?

Daylife by Level 9
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G74sx Laptop Screen Unreliable

Hello, I bought my G74sx lappy back in January and I love it, really performs well. But I have a tragic tale to tell you all, so gather round and listen, in hopes that you can help me solve the mystery as to why my laptop's screen doesn't turn on.It ...

660m gpu usage and framerate fluctuations

So I have been testing out a few games and I have noticed that some games like Diablo 3, Warhammer Space Marine, and homefront cause the gpu usage to drop to 50% which causes fps to cut in half. This happens pretty frequently, like every 5-15 seconds...

Ragemax by Level 7
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G74SX Bad Fan?

I've had my G74SX-BBK7 for about 7 months now and as of yesterday, I have a very loud noise coming from the upper right part of the keyboard.My temperatures have increased as well. I'm idling at 2400 RPM CPU Fan with all cores above 58C. (Even my GPU...

Longevity on Asus G75 with GTX670m

HelloAs stated in the topic, how many years will this system last me? I'm a familyman and a moderate gamer, I mostly play mmos and rpgs ( games I look forward to - torchlight 2, gw2, borderlands2)

G74 would not start

Hi!I've had asus G74Sx notebook for about 2 months and it has been working flawlessly. But yesterday instead of switching it off i just closed the lid and the notebook went to sleep. When i opened the lid after about half an hour it did not resume au...