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Will the g75 run diablo 3 with the 290 drivers?

The drivers my g75 came with are a few months old, and i can't find a place to download and 300+ drivers for the 670m. I am just wondering if it will run the game at all or will i need to wait for them to release new drivers.

Cooling in the G55 and G75

I've decided that I'm going to purchase one of the two systems. I'm looking more towards the G55 because of the slight increase in portability. However, I plan on overclocking the gpu and was curious if the cooling system on the G55 could handle it ...

Wireless Console 3 on Atheros wi-fi

Hi forum!Sorry but i have a problem with software Wireless console 3, the last update version. When i have installed the led of wireless don't work properly! It is off now but the wi-if it is on! Also if I remove WC3 the led return back to the regula...

Symho by Level 7
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Broken usb drivers

Got the dreaded "live-update-broken-usb" situation yesterday, even though I uninstalled the Asus live update weeks ago (because it broke my usb drivers). It started with a blue screen this time, when I rebooted it had deactivated the usb drivers (to ...

Theodor by Level 7
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problem with g75 ):

well i bought an asus g75 from best buy exactly a month ago and i have couple problems with it. it already happened 3 times last one being 10 minutes ago. my cursor would lag around the screen and it would change to a text cursor with a different col...

kama by Level 7
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My new G75V and it's speed

I love this thing. My only complaint is, I can instantly tell it's bottlenecked by it's 1TB 5400 RPM hard drive. I want to swap it out. I've looked through the documentation and the website, and have even googled around to see if others have done ...

Addohm by Level 7
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G75VW-TS71 - is my laptop 3D ??

Hello everyone,I bought this laptop from tigerdirect advertisement says its 3D all over the page, yet in the laptop there nothing that says its 3D or how to use it!I...

G75 HDD to SSD Questions

Hello all, new to the forums here, just have a couple questions about switching my hard drive to an SSD. I recently purchased a G75VW-TS71(TigerDirect model) and a Corsair 240GB Force Series 3 to install into it, however I've never actually done thi...

Nogara by Level 7
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