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What to do on my first startup?

My G74sx-dh71 from Newegg was delivered by Ups today and before turning on the computer, I plugged in the battery and have had it charging for the last 7 hours. I would like to know what steps I should take upon the first startup to ensure my new G74...

Shane by Level 7
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Help with lock-ups!!

Hi everyone. I own a g53sx notebook (2 months old). In some games, diablo 3 for example, my pc will randomly lock up and the sound will stutter. Sometimes i can alt-tab and sometimes i cant. The times I cant, it will stay locked up for like a minute ...

Windows 7 freezing with SSD

For the most part my system seems to run stable. I can play games and have no issues. However, when installing games or if I copy say 13gb of data from the a different drive to the SSD it causes the system to hang. If I try to open Chrome or Task Man...

games on g series anyone?

back in those days i use to play prince of percia black & white pixel graphic, iwish i could those to install on my g series,back in the days we install using the 7inch floppy(that old days...) what is your fave old time games and would love to have ...

DEFTSTAR by Level 7
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G75VW Performance Issues

Ok, so just got my new G75-TS71 last week, waitied a couple days and got my SSD delivered, installed that on Saturday, deleted all the bloatware. Other then that I really haven't had time to do much with my system yet, I've downloaded a couple progr...

Nogara by Level 7
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Glasses-Free 3D G55VW

OK, everyone/anyone, who knows what the glasses-free driver is for the G55VW? Did ASUS finally release a glasses-free 3D notebook for the masses? @Brian, do you know? There were rumors/Youtube videos of a glasses-free 3D G53SX, but it never appeared ...

Going from G60VX to G55SW

Currently, I have the ASUS G60VX-RBBX05, and it's starting to show its age. I'm considering replacing it with the G55VW (

changing OS to Win 7 Ultimate

my new G75vw's came with Windows Home 7. i have a Windows 7 Ultimate version i'd like to all i need is the G75 driver CD that came with it and my Windows 7 Ultimate dvd? or is there some other proprietary SW the G75vw needs that i'm not aw...

MUPiSz by Level 7
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