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Sleeve for the G55VW-DS71

Hey all, I've actually just ordered a G55VW, it's well on its way here! I'm extremely excited to say the least. I actually ordered it because i needed something portable gaming wise since I'm in the military and would need it for deployments. Thus be...

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Asus G75VW-BBK5 and Minecraft

Alright, i just bought the ASUS G75VW-BBK5. It has a downgraded web-cam, 8g of 1600 ram, a 1tb hard drive at 5400 RPM and a 660m. As I was out of town, i downloaded a quick and small game to test it out on, Minecraft. However, I noticed that Minecraf...

New (refurb) G74 only works when plugged in

This issue has only been occurring the past week or so. The battery power is fully charged right now and if I unplug my power connector, the computer will immediately shut down. If the computer is off (and the battery fully charged or at any level), ...

Asus G53SW limited warranty terms

Hello,I have been reading through the terms in the warranty in the past few days. I would like to know what parts we as users are allowed to remove to upgrade the G53SW as this clause seems to make us void the warranty:"a. the product has been tamper...

Broken recovery DVDs. Please help!

So I went ahead and tried to partition the disk on my G75. It failed horribly.. Fortunately I had made my Asus recovery DVDs prior to this incident. Truoble is it says that DVD 2 is broken.I´ve tried running a clean Win 7 install (from legal image fo...

Theodor by Level 7
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The G55V temperature and something blocking the back.

Hello everyone,I bought a G55V last week and here are some concerns that I'm having right now.I took an screenshot for speedfan for my system while idle and while under heavy working so please rate them Idle (Nothing running background but system wit...

PC_744 by Level 7
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Worthless RMA Techs?

So back in 08-09 I had my first ASUS laptop and had to RMA it due to a dead GPU; and while it was great back then has anyone noticed the complete lack of useful fixes these days? I mean I sent my 2nd (new) laptop away for a second RMA (The first was ...

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Ok seriously, what is the double beep!

Every once in a while, seems very random, my laptop will let out two beeps. I can't seem to correlate it with any specific things going on with the laptop. Both beeps are high pitched and equal in tone. Both are reasonably quick. AHHHH!:mad:

Addohm by Level 7
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Just got my laptop from RMA Service *Feedback*

I don't know if you're here thinking "This guy got some serious problems for sure" or anything else, but I will begin telling you my issues.I bought a G73SW XT1 on February, and since day one I got several problems with random hangups. Windows would ...

HavokD by Level 9
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