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G75 Display Driver Crash

Hello all,I've been experiencing some problems with my display driver crashing consistently on my new G75. I have the GTX660M GPU, when running multiple instances of FFXI(Final Fantasy 11) when there's a graphics spike it seems to crash my driver. ...

Nogara by Level 7
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Losing Space On OS (C): Drive

Hello Everyone,New issue of the day hopefully someone can answer. I have been monitoring the OS (C): drive fairly closely yesterday and today and have noticed that ever so slowly I am losing space on the drive with no additional installations taking...

Djropi by Level 7
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G55 Stutter?

Commonly, and at all times whether I'm listening to music or playing games, the G55 will have a 1-2 second stutter. The temperatures are all normal. It'll happen whether I'm playing diablo 3 or just surfing the web listening to pandora. Any ideas...

Model Recommendations

I recently purchased the G75 from best buy and my ram from crucial would not install. The screen would not power on nor would the os boot, until I, of course, removed the ram. I was told, by crucial, to remove the old ram and install the new first, h...

BuddyFX by Level 7
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G74sx-dh71 3d upgrade

Im really curious if i can replace the screen on my g74sx to make it 3d it really doesnt matter if i cant add the ir emmiter im just not sure if the change would be compatable thanks

G75VW-NS72 Problem with minecraft

When I first got the computer, it played minecraft perfectly fine. The next day i installed a few mods and i got random lag spikes. Got a fresh install, ran perfectly. Now this little gem happens. Whenever i play it now (rarely because of this) i get...

Retired by Not applicable
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Panic from graphics malfunction, pink squares

The first time this happened I thought it was because I was playing Doom 3 on max settings, I took a photo with my iphone and did not worry about it. I just did a restart of my laptop and this happened again after startup/login, I had just emptied th...


Hi,I have a g53 with a 460m and wanted to try some overclocking. I've never done it before, so I don't really know what to do. I don't want a monster oc, just something to give me a few more fps. I've downloaded msi afterburner and it looks pretty si...

New Nvidia Driver v304.48 BETA

Info: Link:

Ayman by Level 10
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