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G55 Built In Mic Issues (Static and Hiss)

Hey everyone,I just picked up a G55SVW at Fry's 2 days ago and I am very happy with this laptop outside of one major issue; the built in mic. I am not sure if this is just a software/driver problem or if it is a hardware/ lack of shielding problem bu...

Straight Line Across Monitor

Hi, I recently purchased a G74SX model and now, after some months, a straight line has appeared on the monitor, I closed windows to see if it was only on that window but to no avail it was still there, I even restarted the laptop, it's still there. I...

Wafflay by Level 7
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Screen flicker... How do I fix it?

Hello all!Recent member to the G75 family, having just bought the 75VW last week.First thing I did was dump the factory OS as the bloatware drives me nuts, and I have my own configurations that I prefer to someone else's. Anyways, I've had a lot of t...

How to keep G74 running with the Top closed???

90% of the time my G74SX sits on my desk and never moves.So I figured why be hobbled by the built in monitor and sound?I've got a 1080P monitor handy with HDMI input and a woofer and 2 speaker Logitech sound system laying around that works just fine....

very hot battery

this message is translated by google as no English and I hope you can helpI have a g74sx xt1Hi good morning I have several questions about the warming of the portable1. - The normal for the adapter (black box to charge the battery) to become very hot...


[G73SW] WIFI Card issues

Hello there, I've had a G73SW for 6 months now and up until now I haven't been able to install the WLAN card. I've tried every driver listed on the Asus website; I've also tried 3rd party driver update software (Drivermax) to do it but to no avail. T...

Retired by Not applicable
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G75 Fan not on ?

My newly bought g75's fans usage isn't turning on. I downloaded an app where it tells me the Fan and the laptop temperature but it says the usage is 0%. Please help guys ! I'm a total noob with laptops/computers

Need help trying to install Windows on new SSD G74sx

Hey everyone,I'm trying to install windows on my SSD (OCZ Vortex 120g) on my G74sx. I have search this forum for step-by-step guides and I found a few that were really helpful.On the step where I choose where to install windows I have the option of:D...

G74SX Graphics Card upgrade via mobo/professional help.

Hey all,So I've done some reading on the forums recently about the G74sx series laptop and upgrading it's graphics card (To which i've read that it's somewhat impossible to replace by yourself). I'm well aware that the GTX 560M graphics card is solde...

Clouduck by Level 7
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G75/G55 Temperatures

I'm creating this thread so everyone can share they're temperatures.This can be very helpfull for all the new buyers to get more info about normal temperatures.To create some kind of patern:Model: G75VW with 670mAmbient: 27ºC CPU Temperatures:-Idle: ...

kif by Level 7
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