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g53j mother board problem

Hi Friends.I have a G53Jj.I bought it about 1 year.6 month ago, i hat the BROKEN PIN problem. I sent to technical Service and they change the MOBO. It works OK, but waranty dont cover the Mobo, so i spent 200usd on this.1 month ago, i face the AC/Bat...

G73SW-A1 32GB ram Upgrade

Is it possible to upgrade a G73SW-A1 to 32GB? has anyone tried this?I tried searching around the net about my G73, and look if 32GB was possible for this laptop.

G75 Screen Colour

Hey since I have received my G75 I have noticed the screen has a blue tinge, I have used the dccw.exe to correct the colour but when I run full screen games it seems to ignore the windows colour settings.Anyone else noticed a blue tinge or am i being...

G75 Plugged in and charging

Hello, I've had an issue the past couple of days with my G75VW-BBK5. The battery meter displays that it is "plugged in and charging" but the laptop is not plugged in. The first time this happened I was unable to connect to Wi-Fi or use the ROG butto...

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Switching from an iMac. Need major help.

Hi there. I've been a long-time Mac user for school and work, but I've decided to pick a G75 (BB model) up within the next week.I mostly play WoW with my girlfriend and her brother, but I plan on playing some more graphics heavy games in the future (...