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GPU Clock when Second Monitor is Connected | Asus g73sw

I just found out, that when I connect an Monitor with an HDMI cable to my Laptop the GPU Core Clock Speed automaticly goes up to 675 Mhz. This causes that the GPU gets hot and my fans are always blowing really loud. Even if I set Windows to only disp...

Robinio by Level 7
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G75VW and 5.1 Surround

Hi guys, I am new to the forum and have just picked up a G75 and I must say its awesome! Just very unfortunate that we cannot hook up 5.1 audio directly. I am wondering if anyone here has their system hooked up to surround sound and if so how I can d...

mrwolf by Level 10
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G53SX Short, Sporadic Freezes During Gameplay

Hey everyone. I've realized through some searching that this problem is pretty common among users of the Asus ROG laptops, but I have yet to find a straight answer on how to fix it. Basically, in most games I've played on this computer (TF2, Fallout...

How many process are you running on your G75VW??

I would like to compare how many process are you running on your G75VW.I have run my process 90 when I boot my computer First.. Do you guys think this process running so much??I need to see whom run process under 90.. Any comment, I will wait. THanks...

ForCeV by Level 10
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Weird installation problem?

This might be kind of off-topic, but Ive been downloading a lot of games and so far all of them worked except for one. It kept giving me an error code every time I click on the setup. I've downloaded the file countless of times so I doubt the file is...

g75 Power Down Problem

when i power down, i'll sometimes get a screen that flashes for a second or so.something like 'Do you want to Save File/force shutdown'-? something like that- flashes too quick to read. seems like it's referring to a different open file or ongoing pr...

la0 by Level 7
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Asus G73Jh Bios Recovery

Hello everyone ,I just thought of making a thread to help people who brick their laptop when flashing bios.OK LETS START1.Get a flash drive2.Make it bootable using HP tools and win98 files3.Copy all files except the HP tools folder to your flash driv...

evga by Level 9
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Asus G55 Bloatware?

Hello, I just received my Asus G55 in the mail and I'm rather pleased with it. Can anyone help me by providing a list of bloatware that isn't needed? I don't really want to do a factory restore.. thanks!

Extreme outside temp, Can my LAPTOP survive

Today it is going to get to over 101 degrees Fahrenheit (approx 39 degrees Celsius). I have to sit outside all day and was planning on having my laptop with me to make it less boring. Will it survive?

G74S - Very Slow Boot Times Since GPU Driver Update

Hello everyone, I have recently upgraded my graphics card driver (G74S, 560M) via nvidia's website. Ever since the update I have been experiencing extremely slow load times while booting Windows 7. The screen will turn completely black (no backlight)...

Carvs by Level 7
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