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G74Sx CPU Turbo Boost Throttling at 2.6 GHz

Recently I noticed my CPU would not go above 2.6GHz, (Its max voltage for TB is 2.9 GHz) I am using High performace power options and Tried throttlestop at the "Turbo" multiplier. But it would not go past 2.6 GHz, anybody have a fix? I want my comput...

Sleekman by Level 7
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Red lines across the screen, now the G75 is dead

Hey everyone.Was hoping i wound never have to use these forums, but i guess my time has come...after only 7 days. Anyways, was watching a video on youtube and all of a sudden everything froze and red lines appeared all over the screen. I couldnt do a...

G75 Specifications and Questions

Hi,As mentioned by others some sites have incomplete or incorrect specifications as this site in France display 1600 x 900 pixels, Hardware CPU AES supported and enabled by d...

Atheros Wireless problems , 660M Frame Drop

Hi every one i need some advice, i bought my asus G75 last week Friday , in general I'm happy with the device i am able to play the newest games without any problems until yesterday , my wireless network card was giving problems each 5 minutes so he ...

New G75 Photos

Here you go, new pictures from all angles Last picture is a G74 for comparison... It seems like G75 is thinner, not bad^^Here you have G74:

6392 6393 6394 6395
Nirneath by Level 7
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is there a way to save energy in the 460m?

as the cpu can work in idle mode with just 798mhz, is there a way to do the same with the gpu so the fan can be at low work thus reducing the noise? (good for keeping the laptop on overnight)

spamme by Level 7
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GPU Clock when Second Monitor is Connected | Asus g73sw

I just found out, that when I connect an Monitor with an HDMI cable to my Laptop the GPU Core Clock Speed automaticly goes up to 675 Mhz. This causes that the GPU gets hot and my fans are always blowing really loud. Even if I set Windows to only disp...

Robinio by Level 7
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G75VW and 5.1 Surround

Hi guys, I am new to the forum and have just picked up a G75 and I must say its awesome! Just very unfortunate that we cannot hook up 5.1 audio directly. I am wondering if anyone here has their system hooked up to surround sound and if so how I can d...

mrwolf by Level 10
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G53SX Short, Sporadic Freezes During Gameplay

Hey everyone. I've realized through some searching that this problem is pretty common among users of the Asus ROG laptops, but I have yet to find a straight answer on how to fix it. Basically, in most games I've played on this computer (TF2, Fallout...