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Community question Notebook Bios

I have a question for the rog community, why the freak wont asus release an uefi bios for the G series notebooks. come on man they are supposedly high performance gaming rigs but still asus still wont add on the smooth interface that our desktop coun...

G74SX - ThrottleStop 4.10: Best Settings?

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been active on the forums lately. Been cought up with things.But I have a question, I got TS4.10 (apparently this version "fixes" some things and improves others). I was wondering what the best settings would be to use? ...

Am i getting the most out of my g74sx?

Awhile back I downloaded Throttlestop, but I am reading in some threads people getting 2.9-3.1 ghz. I wonder if I am using some bad settings? Can you guys look at these screenshots and tell me if I've set it up right? I max out at 2.6

g75vw-ds71 or no?

im looking into buying a new laptop, i have an internship and have to move out of state and cant bring my desktop along. but ive read about alot of issues with the g75. whats everyone elses thoughts on it? im looking for a fast computer that i can do...

G53 SW Bricked itself?

So I was just useing my G53SW, I was upstairs at my friends house, he mentioned getting a new TV so I showed him some TV's. (I've had this laptop less then 48 hours) Well we got done looking, I closed the laptop. Walked into my home turn the laptop o...


Hi, I'm looking to buy the G75 and I find one in Frys, it's the G75VW-FS71. I googled it but i can't find nothing except for the one that's on Frys. The thing is, that the picture on that model looks nothing like a G75. And as I can't got to the stor...

G75VW really strange behaviour

yesterday morning, after playing battlefield 3, i let panda gp run a virus scan & it came back w/ nothing, and i shut it down. the next time i started it, it took forever for my windows cpu, and gpu gadgets to come on, and the HD gadget wouldnt come ...

kiba by Level 10
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G55VW - Speakers problems.

Hello,Well, I have some problems with my G55VW speakers, what seems to be the problem is, Whenever I plug a headphone the speakers are not muted and audio is been played on both the speakers and headphones at the same time.Now I looked around about t...

PC_744 by Level 7
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Nvidia GTX 560M - Overclocking (128-bit version)

I saw a blog post here: anyone have any experience with this? How safe is it to overlock the gpu? How much of an FPS boost did you get?

neenja by Level 7
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Asus really need to get their quality control in order!

Both my gf and me bought a G75VW two weeks ago.Mine was fine, but here comes the trouble my gf had to go through.1. She bought it first. I reinstalled OS (always do that to have a clean system), reinstalled drivers, installed some games as test.Every...

Jeronan by Level 7
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