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G75VW - Good News!

Greetings all,I have just received my new Asus ROG G75VW and I want to give some good news and some hope to those out there who come on the forums and see page after page of negativity.I have only had it for a day at this point so everything has not ...

Transferring files within bluetooth problem

I am having a problem with transferring files from the laptop to my mobile, it was working a week ago but when i tried to transfer some files today it didn't work!The mobile isn't seen by the laptop however it is seen by the other mobiles

amedhat by Level 7
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Sound configuration with g74sx? HDMI?

How do I get the most out of my sound configuration? I have logitech z 5500 speakers and from my understanding, you must connect HDMI to the g74 to get true 5.1 surround? Does anyone know how to do this properly? Right now I am just running the green...


Has anyone got the G75VW-91121Z if so can you tell me if it's any good? would help alot thanks

disable wake on keyboard?

How do I disable the wake up with keyboard at my g53sx. I only want the power button to wake up.At bios, there is no option regarding it, neither is there any "power management' tab at the keyboard or mouse listed in the device manager inside windows...

g74sx WIFI not working

So I recently ran into this problem where I cant connect to any wifi network. When I click connect to any network I just get the windows error that says "Unable to connect to network". The troubleshooter wont do any good either. Any Ideas?

Brand New G75 - Won't turn on (or wake up)

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and in need of some help. I bought my G75 last night, everything was going perfectly, it was running everything I threw at it flawlessly, and then the whole sleep thing us humans need on a nightly basis came into pl...

Nibbler by Level 7
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