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G55VW Charging the battery!

Well i am new to laptops and never really knew how the battery works!! So here is my question, can i leave the charger switched on in the G55 even it has reached 100% or must i take it out once it is done??

Official ROG Backpack guess the G73 was the last they made. Think it will fit the G75 with it's massive power adapter? lolAlso, does anyone know if the G73 came with an Official mouse or headset? it would be cool...

G55VW Owners

Hi guys. I'd like to know if you prefer your laptop than others, such as MSI GT60, or SAGER Notebooks (they are good? - I mean in terms of building quality). Any suggestions?Thanks!

Asus G53SW a few recent problems

Recently I've had 3 issues. I was able to fix one. I still have 2 more.1. The computer never went above 80 degree C when I used it even when under a lot of load playing Batman or The Witcher. Now all of a sudden it reached 85 and I even had it up...

Can't get WLAN to stay enabled on new G74SX

I'm so frustrated, been working on this for over a day now. I just got a new laptop and right out of the box, I could not connect to my WiFi. After verifying that the connection was still valid with my old laptop, I upgraded all of the Asus and Ath...

Cooling system and how it works

I have a few questions about the cooling system. FIrst, where does it intake air from? Is it from underneath? Is it from multiple areas? Also, would be ok if it was sat on the bed or on a person's lap?

Windows 7 free of bloatware.

This post here -> has a link to a win7 iso that I've downloaded and seems to be straight from microsoft w/o the asus bloatware. Can anyone confirm that the code on the bottom of the computer ...

WiFi Disabled upon restart

I don't know what's going on...Just did a clean install of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and installed all the drivers from the Drivers DVDEverytime I restart, my WiFi is disabled as if I had no wireless adapter installed even though it appears just fine in...