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Crazy video lag

Whenever I try to watch in game cinematics (in any game) there is crazy stutter, pausing, skipping, and lag.Ever since I installed my Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive - and yes I have tried upgrading it to the latest firmware to no avail.


how can i find roxio cni player 3d player and rotation desktop for asus laptop

strange noise in power adapter

Hello.Today I bought a asus g55vw. It works but I have an incredible all with the power adapter. This has a strange noise, like a short circuit. Is this normal in this type of power adapters 19V and 9.5 A???I appreciate your comments.

USB Issues

Hi,I've a G75V, today I connected 2 USB3 drive devices in the left ports an I notice that only one of is working with USB3, If I try to plug 1 USB3 drive in the left topmost port it doesn't work correctly and windows prompt me to format the drive?!!...

JMSPT by Level 7
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How to protect laptop battery~

Hi everyone, I just want to ask about important ways to protect laptop battery~ Any idea? Will the battery get damage if I plug in while playing high graphic games? Cause I worry laptop battery is like cellphones, will get damage while listening to ...

Num Lock key for G74S?

Plz help! i just purchased a g74s and realized it doesn't have Num Lock function. Unfortunately, I don't have time to return it, because i'm traveling abroad (Taiwan lol). So is there any solution to this. I don't need or want a hot key for a calcula...

jvspek by Level 7
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al apagar se reinicia

Hi good afternoonI have a problem with my laptop. The problem is that by giving off my computer restarts and it also happens when I want to hibernate, everything seems fine, I click on turn on and off but at that moment one turns backThis happens to ...

G75 Driver_Power_State_Failure BSOD

If anyone remembers me from my previous post, I can safely say I returned the laptop after a 6th BSOD. Best Buy was awesome and gave me a new laptop. I've owned this laptop for literally 48 hours, and have now gotten a Driver_Power_State_Failure wh...