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G74sx Bios Question

Hello all, I have a G74Sx-rh71 and the current BIOS is 201. I'm also using Throttle Stop 4.0. I will be (in the next 2 days) adding a Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe 240gb SSD as the main drive. So I thought that this would be a good time to update ...

kslay by Level 7
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G55VW display problem

Hi all i m new to this forum.I am from Malaysia and i have finally just got my g55vw today from my dealer. However, after using it for an afternoon it gave me this problem. currently the display is "dead". Everything was working fine and i have no ot...

seriez by Level 7
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help on g75 model

hii guys am new here, and new on laptops. i am thinking about getting a g75vw or the alienware 17x r3 can anyone please explain the diffrence between the g75vw ds72 and as71 which model is the high end, and should i get the g75vw or alienware? il be ...

bozeed by Level 7
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G74SX-DH71 & SSDs

I remember reading some where (I dont know where) that the G74SX does not support SSDs. Is this true?

Buying guide G53SX

Before I continue with my post, I'm sorry if I post at the wrong section.Hi guys, I'm new to this forum even though I owned a G2s series notebook.So far I'm quite satisfied with the notebook, apart from changing the motherboard due to some burnt prob...

eRicK89 by Level 7
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G55V Touchpad going crazy

im not 100% sure what's going on here but when i plug my G55V Laptop into the power the touchpad will go crazy but when im running it on battery the touchpad is fine i did a test with a wireless Touch pad i had to see if its the laptop's touchpad doi...

Daish by Level 7
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BIOS Update on G55 and G75

Hello,I have one question.Why on g55, new bios was released altought on g75 the last bios are 2 months older than g55's bios?thx you for your reply.

karn78 by Level 7
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G74sx 6 months old Powers Up on AC only

Hi Guys,I bought a G74SX in January 2012 it has been working just fine until today. Now it is July so I have used it for around 6 months. The notebook will not run on battery anymore, when I press the power button nothing happens no light nothing. Ho...

Ardani by Level 7
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[SOLVED] Jagged line going down my screen when I play games...

Ok so I hope this makes sense... I will do my best lol... I just purchased my laptop from Frys electronics and I downloaded the most recent video card driver from asus official website. I put my NVIDIA card settings on High Quality and when I try pl...

Toma by Level 7
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