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Looking to buy the G75VW in Canada

Hello guys, i'm looking to buy a desktop replacement to last me around years, and am interested in the ROG's newest notebooks.I live in ON, Canada.(i'm aware the tech will be outdated very soon. i just want a reliable desktop replacement for a few y...

New Utilities AI Recovery

HiOnce again there has been a new utility updated with NO release notes. Any one know what this one is supposed to fix.AI Recovery Version V1.0.27 Thanks in advance

Cooling pad or not? G75

I bought a cooling pad to try for my new G75, but it seemed to lower the temp by maybe only 1 degree. 2 at the very most possibly. Not the best cooling pad, but its a 220mm fan.Is it a good idea? Is the Asus exhaust system good enough to not need one...

rob350 by Level 7
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Asus G73S Freezing/Locking up

Hi i have a Asus G73s laptop and I bought it about April of 2011, It was working awesome until about 4-5 months after purchase when it suddenly started locking up. (I.E. not being able to move anything and the sound would be in continuous loop). Even...

RevertM by Level 7
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NVidia Verde R304 Notebook Driver

Just found this searching NVidia. just installed it onto my G75VW notebook with a 660m graphics card. Have not had a chance to test performance in games but insta...

G75 vs G55

Hi! im a gamer whos looking to buy one of these two models but i dont know if i should choose G55 or G75 i would buy the G55, but do the G75 have better cooling due to its size? or is it so marginal that it doesnt matter? thanks in advance :DG75

couple of performance questions please.

My G75 has 16 gig of ram and 2 SSD drives. I have disabled disk defrag, superfetch, and hibernation. Disabling hibernation gave me back 12 gigs of drive space. I've done some research and can't really find any good answers as different people have di...