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Asus G75 Troubles

Hey there! I have an ASUS G75VW; it's quite new. It's around a month old however, I've been getting some problems on it. First problem is the red light. When I'm charging my asus G75, the recharging icon is red and I have no idea why; sometimes its g...

Remote power-on for G74SX?

I'm using my G74SX as my primary computer, and when I have it at home I leave it plugged in to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. Obviously, it doesn't use a docking station like my 10-year-old Dell did, so I'm left wondering if there's a way...

Spook50 by Level 7
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Battery Question.

Hi guys,So here's the thing, I use my laptop as a desktop replacement like 90% of the time. I hardly take it out or anything. Now, the question is, should I remove my battery and use the laptop or just keep it in, and please explain why.Another quest...

Camera on G73JH

What happen with the camera ?why it turns to be like unreal and not good image at all that appears on my screen (ym/skype/ LifeFrame/ .. )How to fix it ?

cekemby by Level 7
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G75 - Possible RAM configurations?

Just bought the G75 and upgraded from the OEM 12GB to 16GB with one 4GB Samsung DDR3-1600 (11-11-11-24?). I really need more RAM and understand that it will support up to 32GB with WIn 7 Pro. I probably should have ordered a unit with 32 GB from a de...

OMG pls help me G74SX

Dear All,Pleaseee help me end my misery..... I just bought the Asus G74SX laptop about a week a go and somehow everything is screwed up. It maybe because all the updated from the Asus live update that seems buggy. My problem is as following:1) Black ...

I put windows 8 on mine.

I'm an android user and never liked the windows phone because of the square tiles. I liked my own home screen on android because of animated widgets. But on my laptop I got to admit I'm not hating it. I actually quite like it. I have a double SSD Dri...

G74sx nvidia problem.

Hi guys!I had red this forum topics but didnt found problem that I have.So, I have G74sx its about 5 month old. I cant overclock(gpu) it normally.I saw other people info about 920\\\, 930.... core clock gaming with out any defects.I can boost my 560g...

Oster by Level 7
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