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OMG pls help me G74SX

Dear All,Pleaseee help me end my misery..... I just bought the Asus G74SX laptop about a week a go and somehow everything is screwed up. It maybe because all the updated from the Asus live update that seems buggy. My problem is as following:1) Black ...

I put windows 8 on mine.

I'm an android user and never liked the windows phone because of the square tiles. I liked my own home screen on android because of animated widgets. But on my laptop I got to admit I'm not hating it. I actually quite like it. I have a double SSD Dri...

G74sx nvidia problem.

Hi guys!I had red this forum topics but didnt found problem that I have.So, I have G74sx its about 5 month old. I cant overclock(gpu) it normally.I saw other people info about 920\\\, 930.... core clock gaming with out any defects.I can boost my 560g...

Oster by Level 7
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G55 overheating

I'm using Core tempt to monitor my laptop temperature.I received an overheating warning for the very first time. It hit 92c when I played BF3. never had this issue before until.I owned this laptop since June 26:(

ykgen by Level 7
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G75v display replacement?

Hello guys, I hope I'm posting in the appropriate forum lol. Well I guess I'll start, pretty much I went to compusa and bb searching for the ROG G series line and I ended up making a purchase at CompUSA and later on when messing with the laptop I saw...