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802.11ac Wifi standard and G75

The CEO of Netgear recently stopped by Australia to tell us all about the new 802.11ac wireless technology, announced earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The article says in part:- The Asus G75VW is reportedly the first n...

twinkle by Level 7
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Graphics/Color Problem on G73Sw

I have some problems with the graphics and colors in some games on my G73Sw 3D.My graphics card is up to date, was the first thing I checked. There's more info at the end of the post, if there's any more info you need, let me know. I recenlty got GTA...

G75VW-BBK5 Ram question

I just baught a new G75VW and wanted to upgrade it to 16 gb of ram. Is there a specific brand that works best? Ive never shopped for internal parts so it's all very confusing(like there being laptop and desktop ram cards O_o). Any help would be appre...

G55, USB and BIOS

Hello everybody,So I just registered here to tell you about a glitch/bug/feature on my G55VW.A while ago I tried doing a fresh reinstall of Windows 7 on my laptop, but of course it didn't work because W7 doesn't support USB 3.0. I have no idea what w...

Faulty video card or software issue?

I just exchanged my G55 today in an attempt to fix a tiny problem (It didn't work so I got the same problem twice despite being apparently the only person to ever have it, but that's for the other thread) and when I reinstalled Team Fortress 2 I sudd...

Kamil by Level 8
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Discoloration/Graphical Distortion/Screen Tear

This past weekend, I woke up my computer and I find that I have this graphical distortion. everything has a bluish tint to it. and the screen tears in the upper-right hand corner. I have moved this laptop around in a Everki Beacon bag. It's a tigh...


G73 Graphics/Screen Color Bluescreen issue. is an image of what my monitor looks like. The colors are always off and black seems to be affected the most. This is a very annoying issue that I have struggled with for awhile now and just want to figure out w...