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Can't get WLAN to stay enabled on new G74SX

(sorry for cross-posting, had wrong forum)I'm so frustrated, been working on this for over a day now. I just got a new laptop and right out of the box, I could not connect to my WiFi. After verifying that the connection was still valid with my old la...

G73jh Vbios for best battery life on battery

hello, im looking to update my vbios to get better battery life on my battery... i looked at the gary key one, but it seems kinda old. i heard that chastity's is good. i've never got GSOD, and im looking for the best vbios for battery life when im us...

hnijhar by Level 7
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Factory Default Backup is Deleted

So I got my G75 this week from XoticPC and I love it, but I have two problems. The sub-woofer issue, no biggie, I prefer headphones.My other problem is more troublesome. When I try to use AI Recovey Utility it says "The factory default backup is dele...

Problem concerning Nvidia Verde Driver v301.42 WHQL

Hey Guys, good to be back on the forum. My G74Sx has been trouble free since Jan 2012 and apart from the little things, like finding a decent Docklet for ObjectDock or RocketDock that allows me to do WHAT I want it too do, everythings peachy. Updat...

FenrirMH by Level 9
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Sum it all up G75 problems buy or not

Gentlemen, I have been an Asus fan for 15 years nearly. Avid desktop systems builder and I only use Asus in my builds with the exception of video. I use NvidiaI have been reading for a few days now and I see many issues some reported by less experie...

BIOS Issue

I am trying to update my bios, but its telling me I can't due to a mismatch of the bios ram. How do I update my bios?


This is a problem im having with my Asus G74s. When I have my battery plugged into my laptop, this is what happens. I shipped out for a new battery but i guess the problem is with the computer itself but hey now I have two batteries http://www.youtu...

mrkarazy by Level 7
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New G75 owner - Antivirus/Malware choices

Hello,I'm new to ROG Forum, been lurking for a few weeks. I've had a macbook pro for 6 years and I'm now switching to a G75. Being a mac user has not made me ignorant to Windows, I actually use Windows a lot for school (I want to be a Game Dev). But ...

Poor Performance due to Overheating?

Hi guys! I have happily owned an Asus G74SX for almost a year now, and if you ever owned one, you know it's a hot machine!But for the last month or so, the temps really have gotten hotter than usual, GPU temp is Idle at about 65 degrees and rises at ...